July 19, 2023

Refresh lower limit of three views, camera usage rate is only 60%, so we still don't know much.

Refresh lower limit of three views, camera usage rate is only 60%, so we still don't know much.

Whether it's society or family, cameras are everywhere. Although it has a wide range, it is a common occurrence that urban CCTV usage rate is currently low. According to Yianfang reports, normal usage rate of cameras in some areas is only about 60%, which is very nice! There are so many cameras out there, many of them don't work properly, are they all decorations?

Why does camera fail and how can I fix this problem?

Refresh lower limit of three views, camera usage rate is only 60%, so we still don't know much.

Common monitoring equipment failures are as follows:

1. Equipment failure due to improper power supply. The power line or power supply voltage is incorrect, power is insufficient (or wire diameter of a certain power line is insufficient, voltage drop is too large, etc.), transmission line of power system is out of order. short circuit, open circuit, momentary overvoltage, etc., which may cause damage to equipment.

2. Device connection error. Since there are many wires connected to monitoring equipment, mishandling them can cause short circuits and open circuits. Poor insulation, incorrect connection, reduced performance, etc.

3. Problems with quality of equipment itself or components. Various equipment and components may have quality problems, which are solely quality problems of product itself, and mainly occur in decoders, electric pan/tilt devices, transmission components and other equipment.

4. Problems caused by improper connection between equipment (or components) and equipment (or components).

Refresh lower limit of three views, camera usage rate is only 60%, so we still don't know much.

How to operate and maintain to improve utilization rate of monitoring equipment

1. Achieve "four sets" i.e. complete spare parts, complete accessories, complete tools and complete tools.

Spare Parts Availability: Generally speaking, for each maintenance of system, an appropriate spare parts warehouse should be set up, mainly to store some important equipment that is not easy to repair immediately after damage, such as cameras, lenses, monitors, etc. If these devices fail, system may no longer function normally and must be replaced in a timely manner.

Complete accessories: accessories are basically an additional configuration of various discrete components and modules in equipment, you can prepare more, mainly for equipment maintenance. Thus, good results can be obtained with little investment after maintenance, and equipment renewal costs can be saved.

A complete set of testing tools and tools: In order to achieve frequent maintenance of equipment, it is necessary to set up frequently used maintenance tools and maintenance equipment, such as various pliers, screwdrivers, test pencils, electric soldering irons, adhesive tape, multimeters. , oscilloscopes, etc., if necessary Should be added at any time, and if necessary, make your own, such as load simulation, as a testing tool.

2. Daily maintenance requires attention to detail

Perform dust removal once a quarter, dust off monitoring equipment, remove camera, protective case and other components to blow off dust thoroughly, then wipe lens with anhydrous alcohol cotton, adjust clarity and prevent it from being caused by machine ., static electricity and other factors will inhale dust into body of control equipment, to ensure normal operation of machine. According to instructions, each piece of equipment in monitoring system, its technical parameters and quality of transmission line of monitoring system are tested monthly, hidden faults are eliminated.

Once a month, conduct a comprehensive inspection of monitoring equipment components that are prone to aging. If aging is detected, they should be replaced and repaired in a timely manner, for example, video heads.

Optimize monitoring system and equipment monthly: intelligently organize monitoring center monitoring network requirements, such as bandwidth and IP address limits, and carry out anti-virus processing of network equipment.

Refresh lower limit of three views, camera usage rate is only 60%, so we still don't know much.

The more carefully a camera is “cared for”, better its function, lifespan and clarity will serve us. Of course, it is much easier to outsource these tasks to a professional security operations and maintenance team. With help of big data like Yianfang, if you are good at daily maintenance, many problems will be suffocated in cradle. Pay attention to camera usage and don't let 60% usage data update the lower limit of three people views again.