July 19, 2023

Exchange Security Experts: Learn These Techniques and Double Your Business Size

Exchange Security Experts: Learn These Techniques and Double Your Business Size
Exchange Security Experts: Learn These Techniques and Double Your Business Size

As people's safety awareness increases, companies, shops and individuals will install monitoring equipment or other security equipment to keep life and property safe.

As a security professional, everyone has probably experienced problem of matching quotes, and also experienced problem that a list that was about to be filled suddenly turned yellow. Here, Yianfang will share experience of engineering masters with you, learn these techniques, and business volume will increase rapidly.

Understand customer needs

Understand customer needs, set and control location that will be emitted, and be aware of it.

Show effect of different schemes and help customers choose

When discussing a design scheme, it's best to show customer previous case and effect of setup, otherwise customer won't recognize effect at all. Once you understand purpose of monitoring a client installation, you can guide and recommend which solution to use.

Confirm design plan and final result of installation

Ask and determine what decision client will make to achieve final effect and storage time, and explain actual situation with each camera individually. Confirm with client to avoid future disputes and also reflect your professionalism.

Confirm contract and after-sales service

The price is negotiated after final agreement of plan. Before agreeing on a price, it is important to clarify after-sales service. Several years of warranty, several years of warranty, door to door delivery time, etc. Service commitment should be written into contract so that customers can feel at ease, and this also contributes to spreading their good reputation.

Sign contract and get a deposit

In accordance with provisions of agreement, we will collect deposits and provide relevant services to clients within limits of our authority and profit.

Create and Accept

Install as required by design or direct installation. When installing, it's best to let client check everything to make sure you match their contract description. During construction process, we must be careful and careful. After installation is completed, according to needs of guests, guests are invited to check and sign on spot.

After acceptance, tell buyer how to use it and precautions

Once accepted, take initiative to teach guests how to use monitoring and precautions, and leave floor plan to guests.

There are different ways to use videos used for monitoring, so it's up to you to teach your guests how to use them. At same time, some have to use a mobile phone to perform a one-time remote operation remotely. Lbetter do it yourself. Check it out when you have time.