July 18, 2023

What knowledge is needed to practice weak electricity

What knowledge is needed to deal with a weak current

1. You must know meaning of common cable codes

RVVP: Flexible screened copper conductor PVC insulated cable with PVC sheath. Voltage 300V/300V, 2-24 wires.

KVVP: Shielded cable with PVC sheath Application: signal transmission, control and measurement of electrical appliances, appliances and power distribution devices

SYWV(Y), SYKV, CATV, broadband network, special cable structure: (coaxial cable) single oxygen-free round copper core + physical polyethylene foam (insulation) + (tin core + aluminum) + polyvinyl chloride (polyethylene)< / p>

PVV Insulated Flexible Cable RVV Application: Household Appliances, Small Power Tools, Instruments and Power Lights

AVVR Installation Flexible PVC Cable

Cables RV, RVP with PVC insulation

RVS and RVB are suitable for connecting cables of household appliances, small power tools, appliances, meters and power lighting.

Cable with PVC insulation BV, BVR Application: suitable for fixed wiring of electrical measuring equipment and power lighting

2. You also need to understand databases

A complete system or a large scale security monitoring system will have a platform or CMS, whether it is a B/S or C/S structure, the server must have one or more software suites and a database. should be arranged. Therefore, it is very important to have some knowledge about databases. MSSQL, MYSQL, etc. can deploy, operate, and maintain databases.

3. Expertise Monitoring

Image, encoding, compression, keyframe, frame rate, codestream all need to be understood and used flexibly. We will help you solve problems at critical moments.

What knowledge is needed to practice weak electricity

4. Standards

You need to implement a system solution and learn how to implement it. There are various specifications, design, acceptance and networking. The technical staff still needs to understand more. What are GBT28181, GB50394 and GB50395 talking about? At a critical moment, in addition to strong technology, there must also be evidence.

5. Computer knowledge required

Whatever technique you do in low-current systems, you cannot do without a computer.


⑴For design of low-voltage systems, it is necessary to use computer graphics, draw up text diagrams, compile lists of product configuration and calculate cost, etc.;

⑵If you are managing weak current projects, you need a computer to view drawings, plans, manage data files, print various engineering diagrams and documents, etc.;

⑶ To participate in weak current construction, a computer is required to view drawings, plans, and materials to complete, so we must learn basic computer applications, office programs, and basics of AutoCAD drawing.

6. Electrical knowledge

Electrical map recognition, electrical drawings, on-site construction, maintenance and debugging, etc., all require basic knowledge of an electrician, and low-current equipment must be integrated and connected to AC 220V, 380V fans, water pumps , lamps and other devices. other electrical equipment, so we need to master Some electricians usually use diagrams and basic electrician theory.

7. Get a basic knowledge of electronic technology

Low current devices are all electronic products. If you are not well versed in basics of electronic technology and commonly used electronic circuits, especially single-chip microcomputers, you cannot understand how to use low-current current products well.


⑴Pan/tilt camera or CCTV dome camera must be connected with video cable, control cable and power cable. The three types of wires require wires of different types and diameters;

⑵Why do fire protection input and output modules have a bus and 24V AC power supply, and why do they need to provide intermediate relays and feedback signals? This content is easy to understand after learning basics of electronic technology;

(3) Why does public address system need to use a constant output voltage, and why is each loudspeaker equipped with a small transformer for conversion? These fundamentals are only a small part of fundamentals of electronic technology; In general, if you study electronic technology well, you can not only understand design and application of low current products, but also maintain and maintain low current equipment.

In general, weak current projects include a sound broadcasting system, a televisionvision monitoring system, building intercom system, electronic patrol system, telephone communication system, anti-theft alarm system, global positioning system, video conferencing system, cable TV and satellite reception system. , Automatic fire alarm system and fire communication system, integrated wiring system, computer network system, residential intelligent system, etc. In short, application of low current technology is very extensive, and it is science and technology that really benefits human life . Therefore, real master of weak current master must be proficient in above.

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