July 16, 2023

Guard brothers, if you meet a boss with these eight stats, don't follow him.

It's not easy for brothers who protect weak electricity, they want to sell white noodles and make money selling white noodles. It would be even more unfortunate to meet an unreliable boss again. Today we will not talk about work, but summarize eight characteristics of unreliable bosses, I hope brothers will keep their ears open and stay away from such leaders.

Guard brothers, if you meet a boss with these eight stats, don't follow him.

1. Don't treat employees like people. Thinking you might be willing to take advantage of employees and insult them by paying for them and being disrespectful to employees.

2. Be careful. I always doubt this or that, and I don't trust my employees.

3. All problems should be blamed on employees. A good boss always finds cause himself after a problem arises, but some bosses shift all responsibility to employees.

4. People are different from each other. On surface, I am very close to you, patting your chest in many ways, and wearing small shoes behind your back.

5. If wages are not paid on time, they will always be deducted. The boss who has problems with paying wages is worst boss.

6. There is no lower income limit. To maximize their own interests, they dare to cheat and cheat.

7. Subjective guesses that don't know right from wrong, always thinking that what you think is true.

8. Appoint incompetent relatives with eyes and ears and treat them unequally with other employees.

Each of above eight items can hurt people's hearts. If there are more than three items, you can say goodbye to boss. I hope that guard brothers will keep their eyes open and find most suitable job.