July 14, 2023

How to avoid all sorts of wireless bridge interference

A wireless bridge, as name suggests, is a connection between wireless networks. It uses wireless transmission to create a communication bridge between two or more networks. bridge mechanism.

How to avoid all sorts of wireless bridge interference

1. Interference from outside buildings

When wireless signal is blocked by an object during transmission, if signal transmission distance is short, transmission direction will be reversed due to refraction in blocked environment, and signal will be lost. Reflection and attenuation. Although signal can be received, received signal strength is very weak and bandwidth will be severely attenuated.

If a metal object is encountered during transmission, signal attenuation will also increase. If there is transmission occlusion in case of video transmission, it is difficult to guarantee signal stability. The transmission of network signals does not require much bandwidth, so transmission of network signals in a secure environment can basically meet requirements.

Therefore, when choosing installation site for wireless monitoring equipment, try to make middle as unobstructed as possible, and middle of transmitting and receiving ends be visible, thus avoiding microwave signal attenuation, and monitoring center can receive high-intensity wireless signals to improve monitoring effect. If there is an obstacle between transmitter and receiver, we can avoid obstacle in middle by relaying.

2. Interference from similar equipment

In wireless monitoring system, analog wireless monitoring system is a fool. We can only slowly check interference source, while digital wireless monitoring equipment belongs to intelligent wireless monitoring system. We only need to use software for you. can scan same frequency nearby, so you can avoid that frequency when tuning.

At present, wireless monitoring equipment such as China Mobile, China Unicom signal towers, walkie-talkies, wireless devices, etc. can be seen everywhere, all of which use wireless signals to transmit, which will certainly interfere with equipment for wireless monitoring. . For digital wireless monitoring equipment, this avoids signal interference from surrounding similar equipment or equipment with same function. The source of this interference signal may be a normal signal source in our system. The receiving party may not be able to receive signal, or is receiving same signal due to same frequency or a similar frequency, making it difficult for receiving terminal to identify.

In this situation, we can adjust wireless device's frequency, select a clear channel, or reposition wireless device's transmitter or receiver to increase distance between devices.

3. How to determine if a bridge is receiving interference

This can be judged by observing screen. If there is packet loss, unstable screen, interference, black bars, ripples, etc., if there is any interference in operation of device, then you need to find out reasons fororder at this time.

Not all devices cause wireless interference, such as China Mobile, Unicom signal towers, walkie-talkies, cordless phones, etc., but do not affect wireless microwave devices. In case of sources of interference, you can adjust frequency of equipment or select a location away from source of interference, which will greatly reduce interference to wireless microwave equipment.

In addition to interference, wireless bridges also have a general malfunction

1. Unable to transmit or receive signals: Start with simple problems first, check network cable first, then replace quartz head, and finally check if network port of device is damaged.

2. The monitoring display is blurry and intermittent, and signal strength of wireless bridge is very low: in this case, first check if distance between wireless bridges is within allowable range; Second, check if antenna angle is correct, or try an antenna with a higher gain.

3. If wireless bridge only has one P/S light on but can't be pinged: Factory reset wireless bridge first and then reconfigure, then replace PoE power module and see if it can If it still doesn't work, use a network cable to directly connect wireless bridge to a computer to check if it can be connected; if it can't be connected, it means wireless bridge is broken.

4. Communication is interrupted after a thunderstorm: first check if PoE power supply is burned, then check if network port is healthy, and finally check if main board of device is burned due to lightning strikes. As a general rule, it is recommended to take lightning protection measures before installing a wireless network bridge in a thunderstorm area.

5. After wireless bridge is connected normally, PoE indicator turns off and turns on immediately after connection is disconnected: first check if wireless bridge is shorted, if there is a short circuit, bridge must be changed.

6. The transmission signal is intermittent: first we need to check if channels on both ends of wireless bridge are consistent, then check if country codes are different, and finally check if versions of wireless bridge are same. same (this is based on frequency of problems) sorted, lower probability of the later one)