July 12, 2023

Practical stickers|If you don't understand these 7 points, maintaining a weak engine bay is full of pitfalls

Practical stickers|If you don't understand these 7 points, maintaining a weak engine bay is full of pitfalls

Sudden flooding of a computer room rented by a certain Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. in a building, causing 17 servers in computer room to be completely out of service, including 3 servers that were used for source code management. All source codes disappeared, and cost of researching source codes reached 15 million, which was a big loss.

The computer room is center of all kinds of information in enterprise. Timely maintenance of hardware equipment, regular daily maintenance of computer room environment and power system, and ensuring normal operation of computer room equipment are very important tasks. for businesses. How can we avoid situation described above? You are presented with following seven methods for maintaining a room with a weak power supply.

01. Dust removal and climate control in engine room

Regularly dust and clean equipment, adjust resolution of security camera, and prevent dust from entering surveillance equipment due to factors such as machine operation and static electricity. At same time, check ventilation, heat dissipation, dust removal, power supply, overhead anti-static floor and other devices in machine room. The temperature inside computer room should be kept at 5°C~35°C, and relative humidity should be kept at 30%~85%.

02. Fresh air air conditioning maintenance in computer room

Check if air conditioner is working properly and if ventilation equipment is working properly. Observe liquid refrigerant level through sight glass to determine if there is a lack of refrigerant. Check high and low pressure safety switches, dry filters and other A/C compressor accessories.

03 UPS and battery maintenance

Check battery capacity according to actual situation; perform battery charging and discharging maintenance, and adjust charging current to ensure normal operation of battery; check and record output waveform, harmonic content, and zero ground voltage; check that parameters are set correctly; Perform regular UPS performance checks, such as UPS-to-mains transfer checks.

04. Maintenance of fire fighting equipment

Check appearance of fire alarm, manual alarm button, fire alarm device and check alarm function; check self-test, noise suppression, reset function and switching function of main and backup power of fire alarm controller.

05. Chain maintenance and lighting chain

Timely replace ballasts and lamps, as well as replace switchesspruce; oxidize wire ends, inspect and replace labels; check insulation of power lines to prevent accidental short circuits.

06. Basic computer room maintenance

Electrostatic floor cleaning, soil dedusting, gap adjustment, replacement of damaged areas, ground resistance testing, rust removal from main ground points, tightening of joints, inspection of lightning protection devices, increased oxidation of lightning protection wire contacts.

07. Computer room operation and maintenance system

Improve operation and maintenance performance of computer room, optimize operation and maintenance management system of computer room, and maintenance personnel will respond in a timely manner 24 hours a day.

Besides, summer is approaching with frequent thunderstorms, and it is necessary to work hard with lightning protection in engine room in order to avoid unnecessary losses.