July 11, 2023

1 million fine! The results of protection of rights of women owners of Mercedes-Benz cars in Xi'an became known

1 million fine! The results of protection of rights of women owners of Mercedes-Benz cars in Xi'an became known

Some time ago, Ms. W (pseudonym) Mercedes-Benz's consumer protection case attracted public attention. At an early stage, market supervision department of Xi'an High-Tech Zone initiated a case for investigation in accordance with law. A settlement agreement on consumer disputes has also been reached.

On May 27, Market Surveillance Department of High-Tech Zone notified results of investigation and investigation of suspected illegal cases: Xi'an Lizhixing Automobile Co., Ltd. sold products that did not meet requirements for personal and property safety. Two illegal acts of misleading consumers with information about interests were fined a total of one million yuan in accordance with law.

About oil leak from engine of car purchased by Ms. V. According to government appraisal agency:

1. The right side of car's cylinder block was damaged and oil leaked out. In process of assembling engine of this car, an oil deflector bolt was left in engine, when engine was running at high speeds, large connecting rod head of second cylinder hit left bolt, as a result of which bolt broke through cylinder block. 2. The engine of this vehicle has not been overhauled or refurbished. 3. There are assembly quality defects in car engine, which is a product quality problem.

Article 18 of my country's "Consumer Protection Law" clearly states that operators must ensure that goods or services they provide comply with personal and property safety requirements. According to investigation and trusted appraisal report, car sold to Ms. W by Xi'an Lizhixing Company has quality problems. property security, Market Supervision Department shall impose a fine of 500,000 yuan in accordance with relevant provisions of law.

According to investigation, Xi'an Lizhixing Co., Ltd. hid relevant information and misled consumers into signing a prepaid service agreement with Shaanxi Yuansheng Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. and paid for services in process of selling a car, and benefited from this. This behavior violated consumers' right to know and fair trade rights, and also violated Article 33(12) of Shaanxi Consumer Protection and Interest Protection Regulations, which states that operators must not exaggerate or conceal what they provide. when providing goods or services. In accordance with prohibition of misleading consumers with quantity, quality, characteristics and other information of goods or services that have a significant share in consumers, Market Surveillance Department will impose a fine of 500,000 yuan in accordance with relevantthe relevant provisions of regulation.

The above two penalties amount to a fine of one million yuan, which will be confiscated to state treasury.

The Law Enforcement Department investigated and dealt with alleged violation of rights and interests of Shaanxi Yuansheng Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. consumers. within a separate case. In accordance with provisions of Section 20 of Administrative Punishment Law, Mercedes-Benz (China) Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. was transferred to a subordinate department in connection with alleged sale of products that do not meet the requirements of personal and property safety.