July 11, 2023

Is it difficult for the security forces to earn 10,000 a month?

"Salary", like a flirty "slob", has deep means and constantly affects mood of our guards. If you also work in security industry, doing more and earning less, then you may have chosen wrong industry, but did not find right path.

Returning to original question, is it difficult for a security guard to earn 10,000 yuan a month? Let's see what qualities are needed for a security guard with a monthly income of 10,000 yuan?

1. Endure loneliness

For sake of life, work and career, we often cannot be with our relatives and friends, but we must spend a lot of time relaxing and reuniting with family members. Can we bear this loneliness?

2. Resist pain

The road of life is not smooth, and there will inevitably be many ups and downs, tears and pain. After suffering, there are often two results: one is to become depressed, other is to become stronger. After we have experienced pain, are we weaker or stronger? Depends on whether we can survive pain.

Is it difficult for the security forces to earn 10,000 a month?

3. Can withstand pressure

Without pressure, there is no motivation. Everyone knows this simple truth, but many people choose to run and give up when faced with pressure. Only when we properly set our minds and calmly face pressure can we give limitless power to our growth and development.

4. Resist temptation

To be human and do something, you need to adhere to your own ideals and principles. As long as what we stick to is right, even if there is short-term pain, we must persevere; if what we are doing is wrong, even if we get short-term happiness, we must firmly reject it!

Everywhere in life there are all sorts of temptations. If concentration is not strong, these temptations will influence and hinder our progress at any time, and even cause us to stray from path ahead and fall into maelstrom of momentary interests. , middle. In face of all sorts of temptations, we must, as always, adhere to our right principles and ideals.

5. Withstands being thrown

Every failure, every tear and sweat always throws us up, so our path of development is full of thorns. But after countless tosses, we will deeply understand true meaning of life. Ask ourselves, can we withstand being tossed again and again? After surviving countless tosses, can we still persevere?

Is it difficult for the security forces to earn 10,000 a month?

6. Can take a hit

When we face cynicism of others over and over again, when we face our clients hitting us over and over again, can we bear it? Can we still keep our original passion while staying true to our purpose? Can we still maintain numbers without declining, but keep increasing numbers?

In an evolving market where customers unceremoniously tell us to "scroll", what kind of mentality do we maintain? Will we keep fighting or will we just walk away in desperation and never fight for an interview again? Whether it's an individual or a group, if you don't grow up on beat, you'll die on beat!

7. Take responsibility

The word "responsibility" is always on our lips in life and work, and it is not uncommon. The definition of "responsibility" in Xinhua Dictionary is: a mistake that should be made, but not done or done wrong. Responsibilities are divided into three types: family responsibilities, corporate responsibilities and social responsibilities.

In family, we play role of children, father, husband, wife, etc.; in enterprise we play role of an employee, manager, leader or boss; in society we play role of citizen, lawyer, teacher, entrepreneurs and so on. In short, everyone plays different roles in different situations, but can we really use our actions to take on our roles in different situations?

Is it difficult for the security forces to earn 10,000 a month?

8. Cheer up

When we've been working overtime or overworked for many days in a row, can we cheer ourselves up and keep running towards our goals? If you still insist on working in field of security, please give yourself a thumbs up!

Forward, guards! Life will not disappoint anyone who works hard. Those wrong turns, those lonely nights and that dripping sweat will make you unique.