July 09, 2023

How to choose an outdoor surveillance camera

Choose lens size according to actual needs

A direct factor that affects angle of view of a smart camera is lens size. Smart camera lenses look same on outside, but they are actually different sizes, and following sizes are commonly used: 2.8mm/3.6mm/4mm/6mm/8mm/12mm etc. For most smart cameras, based on fact that installation position is fixed, larger lens size, farther image can be captured, but narrower angle of view. This is all for stationary cameras.

If you want smart camera to see a wider angle, it is recommended to buy a smart camera with a gimbal.

Gimbal rotation methods can also be divided into three types: 1. The need to control camera's rotation angle with hand 2. Automatic rotation 3. Set position. Most gimbal rotation methods on market need to be controlled from your phone, and smoothness and positioning of rotation is very important. Beitejia smart dome camera has a rotation function, and viewing angle can reach 360 degrees.

How to choose an outdoor surveillance camera

Select according to resolution requirements

There is no doubt that resolution determines sharpness of picture, higher resolution, sharper camera. It's like if you have 500-degree myopia, if you have to wear 250-degree glasses, it obviously won't work. You can't tell Zhang Sanli and Li Xi while walking, but if you put a pair of glasses on 500 degrees, your vision will be bright. At present, resolution of smart cameras on market can be divided into following three types: 480P, 720P and 1080P.

Although 480P smart camera is cheap, its resolution is low and image looks washed out. The Baitejia camera has 1080P resolution, and display effect has been greatly improved.

In terms of hardware, Baitejia uses a high-definition optical lens, 1.3M/2M high-definition image quality is optional, supports PTZ, and Baitejia has higher video resolution capabilities than conventional cameras, depending on different research departments and developments. it, stop trying. Horizontal 350 degrees, vertical 90 degrees rotation of remote control, 22x digital zoom, you can see every detail clearly, by pinching two fingers on hand table, you can take photos and videos, so that users do not miss every wonderful detail of life, and Support multi-user viewing, play video at any time, local storage, safe storage of video data.

Select according to installation location

Because ordinary surveillance camera can be installed on wall or ceiling, it is not limited to indoor and outdoor and is more flexible. However, hemispherical surveillance camera can only be installed on ceiling, so it is mainly used indoors, and installation height is limited. However, compared with standard cameras, there is no need to set up additional lenses, protective covers and brackets, it is easy to install, beautiful and hidden, and price is economical.

13 recommendations for installing outdoor surveillance cameras

1. Based on target range, installation height: installation height of indoor camera is preferably 2.5m-4m, and outdoor camera is 3.5m-10m, elevator car is installed on top of it, and elevator arm becomes diagonal, and optical axis of camera passes under 45 degree angle to two walls and ceiling of elevator.

2. After laying cables, connect all surveillance cameras to a power source, check for images and fix any problems, and then install and secure surveillance cameras.

3. If there is strong electricity in environment, it should be noted that installation of camera must be isolated from ground to avoid interference.

4. If surveillance camera does not have an infrared port built into it, try not to open lens while shooting.moving and installing surveillance cameras.

5. If necessary, lightning protection measures should be taken when installing monitoring outdoors.

6. When installing camera, it must be placed on a relatively solid wall or place. Only after installation can monitor screen shake be prevented.

7. Infrared light debugging should be done at night. Adjust infrared light illumination position through display at night.

8. For cable leading from surveillance camera, there must be a margin of about 1 m so that it does not interfere with rotation of surveillance camera.

9. For built-in infrared camera, try to avoid direct light source because infrared power control is based on photoresistor installed on infrared board to control whether working infrared power is turned on. or not.

10. In field of view of infrared camera, objects that absorb infrared light, such as black objects, open spaces, and water, should be avoided as much as possible. emit infrared light from an object and reflect it onto lens of a CCD camera to form an image. Yes, if infrared light is absorbed or attenuated, it will weaken effective effect of irradiating infrared lamp.

11. It is necessary to ensure performance of infrared lamp. For example, power of power supply of infrared lamp must be higher than working power of infrared lamp itself. The total power supply must reach 2A to ensure normal operation of infrared light at night.

12. During installation, be careful not to touch lens or surface of CCD with your hands, so as not to contaminate lens.

13. It is very important to choose a good BNC head. It should avoid maintenance problems.