July 08, 2023

Hit board! With this knowledge of PoE power supplies mastered, utility networks are no longer complicated.

Hit board! With this knowledge of PoE power supplies mastered, utility networks are no longer complicated.

In recent years, pace of development of PoE power supply technology has become stronger and stronger. With a number of advantages such as simplified installation and deployment of electrical equipment, energy saving and security, PoE power supply has become a new favorite in scenarios such as wireless coverage, security monitoring and smart grids.

However, many security newbies are still a bit unfamiliar with using PoE. Today, let's discuss common PoE power issues.

Is PoE power supply stable?

PoE technology has been developed for many years and is now in a very mature stage. Standard PoE power supply is quite stable and safe. Most of cases are due to a non-standard PoE switch or poor quality cable, or unreasonable design of solution itself, wrong location of power supply, or too many powerful devices are connected, and power supply is insufficient (especially when control device turns on heating mode at night). Therefore, if power supply is found to be unstable during actual deployment, external causes should be checked first.

Why choose a standard PoE switch for power?

The standard PoE power switch has a PoE control chip inside, which has a detection function before power is applied. When device is connected, PoE power supply will send a signal to network to determine whether terminal is online. supports PoE power to PD.

The non-standard PoE product is a force-feed network cable power device that supplies power immediately after being turned on. There is no discovery stage, and it supplies power regardless of whether terminal is powered by PoE. device, and it is very easy to burn access device.

How to distinguish standard PoE from non-standard?

Start device, set multimeter to voltage measurement position and touch power pin of PSE device with two multimeter knobs (usually 1/2, 3/6 or 4/5 of RJ45 port). , 7/8), if a device with a stable output of 48V or other voltages (12V, 24V, etc.) is being measured, then this is a non-standard product.

Conversely, if voltage cannot be measured and multimeter needle fluctuates between 2 and 10V, it is standard POE.

Hit board! With this knowledge of PoE power supplies mastered, utility networks are no longer complicated.
The higher power of PoE power switch, better?

With advent of high-power devices such as HD dome cameras and real-time video phones, network equipment manufacturers are struggling to develop PoE switches with higher total power. However, many products only pursue an increase in overall power, ignoring relationship between power and number of ports. With high power, overall cost of equipment inevitably increases.

Is distance to PoE power supply only 100 meters?

The maximum transmission distance of a PoE switch mainly depends on transmission distance. When transmission distance exceeds 100 meters, data delays and packet loss may occur. Therefore, in actual construction process, transmission distance is preferably no more than 100 meters.

Do standard PoE switches need to be highly reliable?

The reliability of equipment is closely related to operating conditions. Commercial switches are typically used indoors, while industrial switches are used outdoors in harsher environments. A PoE power line usually consists of two parts: a switching part and an external power supply for PoE power. Thus, power supply is responsible for entire power supply, so reliability is paramount. Therefore, if power is supplied by a standard PoE switch, line is relatively stable.

How to choose a PoE switch for monitoring security and wireless coverage?

If you want to select right switch, you will need your full attention. Take as an example a project that requires high definition monitoring.

First Step: Select a Standard PoE Switch

Second step: select a 100M or 1000M switch

Third step: select af or standard PoE switch

Step 4: Select number of switch ports

PoE switches can be divided into 4 ports, 8 ports, 16 ports and 24 ports according to number of ports. It can comprehensively control power, quantity, equipment location, switch power and price selection.

The use of PoE simplifies wiring of security monitoring system and simplifies its maintenance. Who in low current industry wants to use two network cables for tasks that can be solved with a single network cable? With knowledge of these 7 major PoE power supplies, low current engineers can easily build a network.