July 07, 2023

I am a student of weak electricity, and today I feel grief of people at bottom

I am a student of weak electricity, and today I feel grief of people at bottom

I learned low current from my master, mainly doing monitoring, corporate network and maintenance, smart home design, computer room system building and a number of low current projects.

Yesterday, I got a call from repair company and was told that power supply for charging was stolen by an employee while charging car battery in company's parking lot, and he was refused to go to observation room for investigation and observation. He stopped car after drinking some wine last night. Two monitors on field were all torn off and fell to ground, one was broken and disassembled, and all of monitor's network cables were cut.

Today, when I went to check my master, I quoted company a price of 1200. In fact, as long as one of network cable connectors is connected, one of monitors can be used, and other monitor head is disposed of and replaced with a new one, and then go to computer room to activate it.Things that are immediately in order, in fact, cost will not exceed 300 yuan. The labor cost is around 200 and it can be done in one or two hours.

The employee who caused accident came with all sorts of complaints. We named 1200 companies, and this account will definitely be credited to employee who caused accident. After all, 1200 is not a small fortune for a person. a low-level worker who earns three to four thousand yuan a month. Then I turned to a colleague for help. Perhaps this colleague learned some circuitry. When he came to see that he could connect wiring, my master was not happy to hear it. After all, we also want to make money, so my master called company directly .Monitoring is not responsible for service after supervisor talks about problem.

I saw that employee who caused accident was dark-haired, thin and short, and looked unhappy, so I said something to my master, they say, if it's cheaper, it will be cheaper, I closed my eyes!

The employee who caused accident asked me to tell my foreman that he would give us 200 yuan privately to help him connect wires, but my foreman bluntly refused.

Ugh.... I don't think I'm making very good money!

If this company can think about its employees, cooperate with it and take a look at monitoring. If employee who caused accident may be more rational and avoid a glass of wine. If my master is not supposed to support my family, but to earn my salary, if everyone can take into account consequences


If.... It's a pity that there is no "if" in this world...