July 07, 2023

Weak Rules of Survival in Electrical Workplace: If you want to not be expelled, these skills are very important.

Does dry weak electricity have a future?

Now there are no more than two points of view: one is that with development of society, a weak industry has broad prospects; other is that weak industry is basically saturated and has no prospects.

Let's not talk about entire industry now, because rule 28 has a leader in every industry. Let's discuss career prospects of weak people.

Personally, I think that weak electrician career prospects = personal ability + platform team + opportunities. Good platforms and opportunities are rare and out of our control. But personal abilities are result of one's own hard work and accumulation, and they can be controlled.

If you want to become 20% of today's weak industry and not be erased by time, it is very important to master these skills.

Weak Rules of Survival in Electrical Workplace: If you want to not be expelled, these skills are very important.

Computer, knowledge of networks

Be familiar with computer and server hardware, be familiar with different operating systems of workstations and servers, be it WINDOWS, LINUX or SERVER, you must be familiar with it, and server hardware can deploy a management platform for you. D., those are basics.

Network technology has already entered era of network video surveillance. Network technologies are essential. You should be familiar with basic principles of networking, network partitioning, subnet mask calculation, NAT, DDNS, routing switching, and VLAN partitioning. it's hard to tell which one is used to debug system.

Also refer to unicast, multicast, and broadcast. What happens to broadcast storms and what happens to large-scale network congestion can be analyzed. UDP does not handshake, and TCP does not handshake. Which method is best depends on particular network. This knowledge needs to be mastered in environment.

Database knowledge

A complete system or a large scale security monitoring system will have a platform or CMS, whether it is a B/S or C/S structure, server must have one or more software suites and a database. should be arranged. Therefore, it is very important to have some knowledge about databases. MSSQL, MYSQL, etc. can deploy, operate, and maintain databases.

Software knowledge

Triple WORD/EXCEL/PPT of OFFICE should be able to use, reason is not to say. VISIO must be used to draw system diagrams, and AutoCAD must be used to view design drawings. These two softwares must be used skillfully. Simple development tools are best used and if you can't use them there are a few things you need to know and there will be useful scripts. SDK, each device manufacturer will provide an SDK, a secondary development kit, most basic can also understand SDK version, main library files.

Weak Rules of Survival in Electrical Workplace: If you want to not be expelled, these skills are very important.

Knowledge Tracking

CAM, DVS/DVR/NVR, streaming media, decoder, matrix, platform server and other equipment should be familiar and familiar again; image, encoding, compression, keyframe, frame rate, bitstream all need to be understood. Can be used flexibly. We will help you solve problems at critical moments.

Hardware Tools

You should also master multimeters, oscilloscopes and linear meters, which can come in handy at critical moments.

Store knowledge

Network video surveillance is inseparable from storage. You must understand NAS/SAN/IPSAN and be able to work with storage device. RAID disk arrays, redundancy and hot backup must be available.

Weak Rules of Survival in Electrical Workplace: If you want to not be expelled, these skills are very important.

Communication Skills

Introduction to various communication interfaces, protocols, RS232/485/422, etc.

Regulatory standards

It is necessary to implement a system solution and learn how to implement it. There are various specifications, design, acceptance and networking. The technical staff has yet to figure it out.

Engineering technologies

The quality of engineering and construction technology is one of key success factors of system, not only for video surveillance systems, but also for other security systems and low-voltage systems. Engineering technology is main guarantee of application of system.

The world is changing too fast. If we want to keep up with times, we must continue to learn and keep up with times. As a weak electrician, only when you become stronger will good platforms and opportunities suddenly meet, and you can firmly gain a foothold in this industry.