July 05, 2023

Iron Man from Avengers 4 told us 5 images of future security

Iron Man from Avengers 4 told us 5 images of future security

In just-released Avengers 4, Iron Man is an impressive superhero, but from a security perspective, Iron Man is still a precursor to security of future. In addition to his secretary and wife Pepper, Iron Man also has an artificial intelligence created by himself. In addition to "Friday", "JARVIS" should be mentioned here.

Iron Man from Avengers 4 told us 5 images of future security
Jarvis - AI Virtual Butler

Jarvis is Stark's right-hand man, with independent thinking and emotions, and will help Stark make suggestions. And every time Iron Man fights, he can help Iron Man separate enemy information and various command situations on battlefield, and can also track him remotely.

In addition, Jarvis can also update system himself, and has also become Tony Stark's personal doctor, able to monitor Stark's health and degree of battle damage to Iron Man's armor at any time.

Jarvis is a smart artificial intelligence with independent thinking, even stronger than Ultron, who is afraid of Jarvis' abilities and wants to kill him. If Tony Stark is king in real life, then Jarvis is king of entire virtual network world. Jarvis combines superpowers of many ideal AIs, such as facial recognition, voice fingerprint recognition, biometrics, holographic modeling, and intelligent voice. And he has no less emotions than people.

The image of "Jarvis" not only reflects people's vision of future that AI technology will bring to world, but also hope that artificial intelligence will not be an enemy to people, but original intention is to be friendly.

Iron Man from Avengers 4 told us 5 images of future security

Artificial intelligence has penetrated all aspects of human life. But can we really have such smart AI? With rapid development of mobile AI technologies, we seem to see some hope.

Face recognition

When Iron Man comes home, a face check is one of identification methods for him to enter the door. Of course, for Jarvis, his good friends are recognized in seconds. There is also some telepathy, and Iron Man can recognize this through his entire network monitoring system when he gets home.

Iron Man from Avengers 4 told us 5 images of future security

In real life, facial recognition technology is also widely used. Facial recognition is actually a biometric technology that automatically recognizes a person based on a person's facial features. In development trend of recent years, face recognition has entered our lives from very beginning and has quickly become an important role in our lives.

At banks, airports, shopping malls, schools and other places, and even when paying with mobile phones, facial recognition is increasingly replacing some of our old ways of life. This not only provides us with a safe and efficient lifestyle, but also makes our lives more and more convenient.

The existing facial recognition technology is mainly used in finance, security and counter-terrorism, education, social entertainment, transportation, intelligent business and other fields, and its development trend is gradually spreading to the whole society.

Smart language

Iron Man from Avengers 4 told us 5 images of future security

Jarvis not only needs to control Iron Man's armor, but also give his own advice when Iron Man upgrades his own armor, and whenever Iron Man calls Jarvis, Javis Weiss knew that Iron Man needed armor right now. Between Jarvis and Iron Man, language communication is most direct, and in real life we ​​call it an intelligent voice.

As one of most mature technologies for AI applications, intelligent voice technology is developing rapidly in field of smart home, smart car and smart wearable devices. Based on our face recognition, intelligent voice can also be used as a good assistant for "face recognition" to improve accuracy of whole recognition.

For example, voice fingerprint recognition and voice emotion recognition technologies are added to a face recognition video surveillance system to form an audio-image fusion (lip-reading) technology. Even if our target is completely silent, system can still detect it. Certain thought behaviors are identified and predicted using experience gained from extensive machine learning to prevent problems before they occur.

Holographic projection

Every time we see Iron Man coming home, talking to Jarvis, operating holographic projection screen, will we be jealous? And this kind of holographic technology actually has applications in real life, but this technology is immature and cannot be as cool as Iron Man operation.

Iron Man from Avengers 4 told us 5 images of future security

I think we've all seen performers on stage interact with some constructed virtual objects to create a real experience that is actually holographic projection technology.

Iron Man from Avengers 4 told us 5 images of future security

Using holographic projection technology, some prohibited items can be displayed in 3D, such as guided knives, firearms, drugs and other prohibited items, so that we can avoid danger of such prohibited items and allow people to experience them. personal nature of these items.

Holographic projection technology can also be used to simulate your post-drug state. With different levels of drug use, your displayed status also differs. In addition to above, drunk driving experiences in virtual reality can also be conducted so that driver can personally experience harm caused by drunk driving and raise awareness of risks of drunk driving, and some similar safety micro-classes can also be implemented. .

Rotating LED Display Technology

When Iron Man swipes screen to view information, do you currently need such a screen? While we can't currently see a super-intelligent system like Jarvis, we can also experience such a cool browsing posture in our lives.

Iron Man from Avengers 4 told us 5 images of future security

In field of security, due to large number of security signals involved in various small and medium-sized security monitoring centers, if they are displayed on screen at same time, due to limited display area ​On display screen, resolution is not enough, especially against background of digital high definition signal sources. Under these circumstances, most of them use mixed mode of LEDs and LCDs to meet needs of users.

The application of LED rotation technology and application of 360-degree holographic technology can restore video surveillance scene better than above.

Visual controls

Whenever Jarvis gave some data to Iron Man, entire room was a virtual screen, and data displayed on it was detailed information about Iron Man's various request data. In addition to this information, Jarvis also displays important help information on screen. You feel like Jarvis knows everything!

In real world, while we don't have a super intelligent control system like Jarvis, we also have a similar visual control system. The visual control system is especially developed in national public security system.

Typically, entire visual screen displays information for each major region. As soon as you need any information, you can immediately call up relevant information and display it on big screen in middle, and there are also important relevant information similar to Jarvis information as a reference.

Iron Man from Avengers 4 told us 5 images of future security

Although in real life we ​​have some Jarvis technology, but development of our technology has not reached such a strong level. In film, even Ultron is afraid of Jarvis, so many people will worry that development of artificial intelligence will have a negative impact. However, original intention of people to develop artificial intelligence is always to hope for a friendly coexistence with it. The development of science and technology is endless, perhaps AI technology like Jarvis is not far off in future.