July 04, 2023

@微电新手, learn 9 cabinet connection tips, boss takes lead to raise wages

@微电新手, learn 9 cabinet connection tips, boss takes lead to raise wages

During entire network wiring project, cabinet wiring is a very delicate job. How to make cabinet wiring neat and beautiful is a great test for professional skills of our low-current beginners.

The Importance of Cabinet Wiring

The cabinet systematically solves problems of high-density heat dissipation, a large number of fastening and cable management, large-capacity power distribution, and full compatibility with multi-vendor rack equipment in computer applications, so that data center can operate in a very stable environment.

With rapid development of Internet industry and upgrading of network products such as servers and switches, cabinets used need to accommodate more equipment than before. in an orderly manner.

If cables in electrical wiring of cabinet are not routed properly and not systematically enough, it will not only cause damage to cables or increase time it takes to replace cables, but also seriously impede air circulation and cause equipment to overheat. and close.

@微电新手, learn 9 cabinet connection tips, boss takes lead to raise wages

Keep these few tips in mind so that your wiring is also in order, and promotions and pay increases are easy.

Master these tips, cabinet wiring is fine

1. Make sure cabinet vent is open to avoid equipment overheating and accidents.

2. Each network cable inside cabinet must be labeled to avoid unnecessary problems during subsequent maintenance.

3. The switch should be fixed to top of cabinet with suitable lugs to facilitate placement of mains cable.

4. Insert asset number of each server and print asset number + barcode through label printer. Each server prints two identical sheets and inserts one on front and one side of machine.

5. As a rule, power cord and network cable are laid on different sides, and each section is tied with cable ties.

@微电新手, learn 9 cabinet connection tips, boss takes lead to raise wages

6. The back end of network cable head connecting server and switch must be marked with a cable tie label with same number, and this number must match port number on switch.

7. When connecting cabinet, ensure that both ends of power cord plug and server's power connector are secured with cable ties.

8. Wiring between cabinets is usually routed from top of cabinet.

9.If cabinet is an internal/external network switch, try using two different colored network cables to distinguish them.

The wiring of cabinet is a technical task, and wiring is neat and orderly, which not only brings great convenience in subsequent maintenance, but also makes it easier for us to inspect inside of cabinet, and more importantly, allows equipment to play highest performance.

More importantly, as a newbie with weak electricity, it's hard for boss not to give you a raise if he sees such perfect wiring.