July 03, 2023

Hardworking guards, 15 fatigue signals, how many do you have?

After every transition and sleepless night, I feel exhausted and weak, as if I were seriously ill. I can't help remembering time when skin was as thick as fat and could be torn apart by exploding bombs, and staying up all night and taking naps could restore vitality. Lian Po is really old? How many years can you walk safety road?

How many people tell you that to achieve your dreams in life you need to run headlong, but few remind you that health is a prerequisite for running at breakneck speed, and only one who can really save you is yourself . "The good life cannot depend on an overdraft, and neither people nor society should be blind." I hope we understand this truth before it's too late.

Performance priority, progress priority, engineering priority...

When it's your turn, you first

Are your needs first, health first, soul first?

When you're working hard for tomorrow, do you think about yourself?

Hardworking guards, 15 fatigue signals, how many do you have?

In fact, your body has already given a “signal of overwork”

Quickly compare and see how many you have!

Firstly: eyes are sour and dry and seem to have no "strength".

2: Burning sore throat, hoarse voice, 5-year-old sounds.

Three: dizzy, headache, frown, always "slightly sad face".

Fourth: stiff shoulders and neck, robot behavior.

5: The amount of food consumed increases dramatically, and I especially like foods high in sugar and "heavy taste".

Six: memory loss, lack of concentration, colleagues will laugh at you as "old".

Seven: Get irritated easily, lose your temper over small things, your interpersonal relationships are a little tense.

Eight. In early morning, joints of fingers become stiff, there is pain when moving or pressing on joints.

Nine: indigestion, tone of my speech is not very good these two days.

Ten: lack of reaction, decreased ability to make decisions and indecision.

Eleventh: The heart rate increases significantly, shortness of breath and weakness appear, and I feel that I cannot speak confidently.

Twelve: neuroendocrine dysfunction, especially in women, irregular menstruation, dull complexion.

Thirteenth: Fatigue persists for a long time after exercise, but is mild.

Fourteen: Irregular eating, body mass index below normal, but uncoordinated protruding belly.

Fifteen: After a long period of trying to sleep without sleep, tossing and turning dreams and sleep without fatigue.

For job, you're just one of them

For those who love you, you are only one

Love yourself well, don't overdo it

Safety depends on more than just you

Don't put safety first