July 02, 2023

16 golden rules for good mixing on construction site

16 golden rules for good mixing on construction site

01, The interests of construction site come first

The construction site is site for survival of all workers, and self-interest cannot and should not conflict with it. As soon as misfortune happens, they will be reprimanded and punished for slightest provocation, and at worst, fired. If you screw up job of boss or everyone else, no one will have a good life.

02, Team First

The team is lifeline of every department. In an era of market economy, when strength of team supports industrial enterprises, unless you are a sleepwalker from a foreign country.

03, Use boss standard to demand from yourself

While distribution of personal salary, commissions, and bonuses is related to work performance, they are ultimately implemented based on source of site benefits received by boss. Therefore, in order to realize and expand one's own interests, it is necessary to demand a leader according to standards of boss. At construction site, your supervisors and customers are your bosses, and your attitude towards work must exceed them, otherwise you will always be object of their accusations.

04, Do things first

What is standard of professionalism? There is only one criterion, and that is what you do before or after others.

If boss comes up with something and asks you to do it, you have finished it, but this is not front, boss is ahead. If there's something your boss hasn't thought of yet, you've done it, great!

Similarly, comparison objects include leaders and peers to see how your efforts are ahead or behind. In face of a large number of management and logistics staff, it is very frustrating and uncomfortable to be nagged, but you should know that you can nudge others if you want to make a difference.

05, The answer is best embodiment of personal value

The embodiment of personal value is based on how much construction site needs you! Therefore, whenever boss sends a proposal or someone from team is looking for support in work, it is necessary to give a positive answer first time, because this is related to expressing your value.

06, Move in direction of principle

The main direction can only be accepted, not resisted. If you are going to stay and expect to make a difference.

So, how to make everything good? Everything is very simple, follow principles prescribed at construction site, do not deviate, do not succumb to other people's influence, including some instructions from your supervisor.

07, Normal is authority, norm is a kind of spirit

Some people can never standardize things because they never see it as necessary, so they will always be repressed and their accomplishments will always be denied.

Norm is a spirit, a valuable habit, so it is not easy to develop. However, without norms there is no authority,norms mean that you not only know how to behave and what to do, but also know how to do it well.

08, Activity is efficiency, activity, activity, activity again

A proactive person is smartest person, best teammate, and friend everyone wants to have. Always remember that initiative is your best teacher. It is initiative, not luck, that can help us in difficult times.

09, Anyone can be a teacher

Out of fear of making a mistake or in search of a sense of psychological security, people want someone to lean on and give advice. This is true. The problem is that some people always mistake leader for only teacher. Not to mention that teacher leaders often do not like painful lessons of stupid children. In fact, anyone in team can be your teacher, main thing is that you ask for advice with an open mind, and not for other purposes, saving country with crooked ones. Because you need knowledge, not a teacher.

10. Three elements of action: plan, goal and time

Always have a plan, always know goal and never forget to keep track of time.

11. Don't explain, need results

In a competitive society, explanations are often meaningless, which means you want to shirk or ask others to take charge.

If you don't want to see end result, first thing to do is to change process as much as possible. Always remember: grades speak, achievements speak.

12. Don't invent results, roll up your sleeves and work

Don't scare yourself and others with dire consequences, roll up your sleeves first and get to work. Only then will you know if result is really terrible, and experience shows that more than 95% of terrible guesses just roll up their sleeves and get to work.

13. Abbreviation not allowed

In face of setbacks and mistakes, everyone knows that worst way to do this is to shy away from work, and slacking off at a construction site is unacceptable.

A construction site is like a chain, and people who are always pushing away are like sand in a chain, which will make others especially embarrassed, and your mistakes will exacerbate impression.

14. Be discreet when you are human and bright when you are doing things. Don't turn everything upside down

If you keep a low profile, it will help create a healthy atmosphere around you, and if you do something flashy, you will gain support and reputation.

15. Communication can remove all barriers

Communication skills are minimum quality at a construction site. Do not be afraid of small troubles in communication, if you do not want to face big troubles, you need to communicate and coordinate everything around you. Smoothness does not fall from sky, it is result of communication.

16. Always move forward and keep an open mind

Humility is an open mind.

At any construction site, there are two types of people who earn most and cheapest. Some people boldly go forward. Give them to your boss or boss to take care of them. The other type of people are open-minded people, they are humble, they can effectively accept views of other people, so their success is much faster than others, and natural benefits are also great!