July 01, 2023

Very practical! 18 Precautions When Building a High Definition Network Monitoring System

Very practical! 18 Precautions When Building a High Definition Network Monitoring System

Currently, security monitoring is moving from era of simulation to era of digital high-definition, so what should I pay attention to when building a high-definition monitoring system?

1. Toggle Selection

For more than 5 points (including 5 points above 720P), use a full Gigabit network switch;

2. Make a backup

Before creating, IP addresses of all network ball cameras, network cameras, NVRs, host computers, storage servers, streaming media servers, HD decoders, management servers, etc. in system must be uniformly changed and registered. Pay attention to avoid IP address conflicts with original devices (such as computers and network printers) on local network;

3. Register

Please do not set all equipment in network system (including original equipment) to automatically obtain IP address mode, they all need to manually set IP address and register it in table;

4. Pay attention to IP address conflict

If there is a wireless router in network system, pay attention to IP conflict between mobile phones and tablets connected to wireless network system;

5. Pay attention to choice of aggregation level switches

The number of external switches connected to IPC is limited to 4, and a 100M 8-port switch can be used. If there are more than 4, use an 8-port full-gigabit switch, since front end switch to main switch in computer room is used only for transmission over one network cable, if number of IPC loads is too large, packet loss, frame drop, delay and hang may occur;

6. Pay attention to choice of network cable

National standard category 5e network cables can be used between IPC and external switch, and national standard category 6 network cables and category 6 crystal plugs must be used between external switch and computer's main switch.

7. Pay attention to distance between camera and main control room

The network switch between HD network ball, HD IPC and main switch in computer room can only be relayed once; if distance is more than 100 meters, fiber optic can be used. Please use one optical and one electric or one optical and two electric or one optical to receive and transmit Sidian Haoyiling fiber optic transceiver

8. Pay attention to choice of wire

If network ball, network camera, and external switch use a shielded networkoh cable of Super Five category, it is recommended that length of cable does not exceed 80 meters, and if network cable of international category Six is ​​used, it is better not to exceed 100 meters;

9. As a general rule, do not select a managed switch as main switch in computer room unless there are engineers familiar with configuring managed switches or if system is relatively large. ;

10. The main switch in computer room must be a fully gigabit switch of a major brand, and it must not be fully loaded

For example, when a 24-port full-gigabit switch is actually used, generally do not use more than 20 ports, because amount of HD network monitoring data is relatively large, data is transmitted continuously, and processing requirements of switch are relatively high when there are many points delays and freezes, you can try adding a switch to solve this problem.

11. The scope of network monitoring project may determine type and number of HD network cameras according to different coverage areas.

Types: 1 MP (1/4 sensors)/1.3 MP (1/3 sensors)/2 MP (1/2.7 sensors)/3 MP (1/2.5 sensors). In a project, choice of lens is very important, it depends on whether it can fully cover range that clients need to look at.

12. Network monitoring project object

The surveillance object determines range of viewfinder, position of camera, and required camera type. The surveillance target can be divided into a detailed image and a general surveillance image. Thin images are effective for identifying people or specific purposes such as: people's faces, certificates and point of sale monitoring; general surveillance maps are mainly for observing entire scene or approximate flow of scene. The monitoring goal determines field of view, position of camera, and type of camera required.

13. Network monitoring engineering environment

Because indoor and outdoor lighting is different, sensitivity and lighting effects need to be taken into account. Infrared lighting can be used outdoors, and some need to use day and night cameras; if it's indoors, it usually doesn't need to take that much into account if lighting effect is taken into account. In addition, if you are outdoors, you must consider related factors such as dust-proof, moisture-proof, waterproof, and vandal-proof. For example, in dark, you can use a low-light camera, in an uneven light distribution environment, you can use a wide dynamic camera, in a bayonet environment, you can use a professional license plate camera, in an elevator, you can use a special elevator camera, cameras, and more.

14. Can public monitoring

Because in some places, for certain reasons, it is necessary to install a million hidden high-definition network cameras. So in this regard, you should think about choosing a surveillance camera that is neither hidden nor hidden.

15. Intelligent video and event management

Video is recorded based on event triggers through input port and smart video function of network video products, which saves bandwidth and storage space, if there is no alarm/event, there is no need to monitor all surveillance cameras in field, so operators can control more cameras. Event management features are often configured using event management software supported by I/O ports and smart video capabilities of mega HD network cameras or video encoders.

16. Network monitoring project audio function

This is also determined based on location you use. If you need to use a mega-high-definition network camera with audio function, you should consider connecting headphones or speakers, pickups, and other equipment.

17. Image Quality

The image quality of millions of HD network cameras is as important as conventional surveillance cameras. Therefore, we can only use installation of a few million HD network cameras to observe effect, and choose a more suitable millionth HD network camera. It is recommended to bring a sufficient number of prototypes to customer for testing before installation, and also carry out mass installation based on effect chosen by end customer.

18. Pay attention to number of routers when monitoring remotely

If you are using IPC with multilayer router penetration, you do not need to take this precaution into account. If you can only penetrate one layer of routers, then you need to consider this issue when performing remote actions.