June 30, 2023

17 CAD Tips That Will Make Your Drafting 10x More Efficient

17 CAD Tips That Will Make Your Drafting 10x More Efficient

For security designers, changing blueprints has become commonplace. Designers do not change blueprints, but are in the process of changing them.

17 CAD Tips That Will Make Your Drafting 10x More Efficient

In face of these "big guys", in addition to strong mental abilities, we also need strong professional skills to defeat them.

Share some CAD tips with you and learn how to improve your drafting efficiency by 10x.

1. Ctrl key invalid

Operation: OP (option) --- user system configuration --- standard WINDOWS shortcut key (checked). After pressing standard shortcut key, commands related to CTRL key are valid, otherwise they are invalid.

2. Enlarge or reduce text

Scale text, you can quickly increase or decrease text of entire image and automatically filter text after selecting a field (except text in a block).

3, Shift+Space

Cycling preview of selection. When lines match or get close, press Shift+Space to cycle through.

4. Excess

Remove duplicate or overlapping lines, arcs and polylines, merge partially overlapping or adjacent objects.

5. Draw a rectangle or circle with no virtual border on outside

Enable dragmode system variable to resolve this issue.

6. How to print a square

Text command, enter number 35, enter SHIFT+6 before 2, and then press B/A, this method is an index; type SHIFT+6 after 2 and then press B/A key, this method is superscript.

17 CAD Tips That Will Make Your Drafting 10x More Efficient

7. Entering special characters

How do I enter "F", "±", "°" and other special characters in CAD?

1) Text command T, drag textbox

2) Right click on dialog box ------- symbol ------ some options will appear

8. The printed font is empty

Enter TEXTFILL command at command line, value 0, font is empty, value 1, font is solid.

9. Remove dot marks

In AutoCAD, sometimes an intersection mark is created on mouse click, use BLIPMODE command and enter OFF at tooltip to remove it.

10. The old image encounters an abnormal error, breaks and closes

Create a new graphic file and paste old graphic as blocks.

11. Displaying 3D Coordinates

After using live viewer to change display direction of coordinates in a 3D view, you can type "-view" at command line, which will display at command line: -VIEW input parameter [?/orthogonal (O)/delete ( D )/Restore (R)/Save (S)/UCS(U)/Window (W)]: Type O and press Enter to return to standard display.

12. Repair invalid object mapping commands

Method 1: Enter menu command at command line and in pop-up "Select menu file" dialog box, select menu file acad.mnu to reload menu;

Method 2: Type appload on command line and in pop-up "Load AutoLISP ADS and ARX Files" dialog box, select and upload match.arx file to AutoCAD R14 directory.

17 CAD Tips That Will Make Your Drafting 10x More Efficient

13. How to save layers

Create a new CAD document, set layer, dimension style, etc., and save it as a DWT (CAD Template) file.

Locate folder containing DWT template file in CAD installation directory and place newly created DWT file in it. When you use it later, when you create a new document, you will be prompted to select a template file and select it

Or name file acad.dwt (the default CAD template), replace default template, and just open it in future.

14. How to hide coordinates

Turn off UCSICON to close it, or turn it on to open it.

15. How to cancel marked tail with 0

It is better to set "dimzin" system variable to 8. Currently, default value in a dimension will not have multiple trailing zeros. It is very convenient for us to directly enter this command to change it, and there is no need to adjust it in size option.

16. Insert CAD drawing into WORD

You can use EXPORT feature provided by AutoCAD to export AutoCAD graphics to BMP or WMF format and then paste them into Word documents, or you can first copy AutoCAD graphics to clipboard and then paste them into Word documents.

It should be noted that since default background color in AutoCAD is black and background color in Word is white, background color of an AutoCAD graphic should first be changed to white.

In addition, after inserting AutoCAD graphics into Word documents, margins often become too large and effect is not ideal. Use trim feature on Word toolbar to trim and issue of too large empty margins can be resolved.

17. How to insert EXCEL

After creating table in Excel, copy it to clipboard, and then select Selective Pasting from Edit menu in AutoCAD environment, select As, and after confirmation, table will be converted to an AutoCAD object and exploded with explode. those. it is very convenient to edit lines and square symbols.

17 CAD Tips That Will Make Your Drafting 10x More Efficient

Have you learned these little tricks yet? Remember that excellent professional equipment is a knife in your hands!