June 30, 2023

4 trillion market in 4 years! Period of ultra-high-definition capabilities to be used by security personnel

4 trillion market in 4 years! Period of ultra-high-definition capabilities to be used by security personnel

If AI-based artificial intelligence is essential for development of high-end security systems,

Then all UHD video security personnel can get a share of feng shui treasure.

4 trillion market in 4 years! Period of ultra-high-definition capabilities to be used by security personnel

What is Ultra HD

Ultra-high resolution is a new stage of technological innovation after audio and video digitization and high definition. As ultra-high-definition industry officially enters era of large-scale commercial use, it will use chips, panel displays, video production equipment, storage devices, and network transmission. Dozens of industries such as hardware and terminal machines have achieved trillion-dollar industrial-scale increments.

Possible period for ultra-high resolution market

It can be said that Chinese 4K UHD market is huge, and next three years will be a period of opportunity for development of UHD industry in my country. The promotion of national policies and huge market demand will open up new opportunities for companies connected with industrial chain.

Earlier this year, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, together with State Administration of Radio and Television and China Radio and Television Central, issued a notice of "Action Plan for Development of Ultra HD Video Industry (2019-2019)." 2022)". The Notice has clear goals. In line with general technical route of "4K first, considering 8K", we will actively promote development of ultra-high-definition video industry and application of related fields.

By 2022, total scale of my country's ultra-high-definition video industry will exceed 4 trillion yuan, 4K industrial ecosystem will be basically completed, and breakthroughs will be made in research, development and industrialization of 8K key technology products, shaping coordination of technology, products , services and applications Good development model.

4 trillion market in 4 years! Period of ultra-high-definition capabilities to be used by security personnel

Influence on cost, needs to be developed in stages

In field of security monitoring, investment in ultra-high definition applications will remain relatively high, which is mainly reflected in investment in infrastructure and system itself. The deployment of ultra-high-definition systems places higher demands on basic support facilities such as storage and network bandwidth than previous high-definition and standard-definition systems; and cost of UHD equipment itself will be much higher than other systems. products.

For many ordinary industry users, entry costs are one of important factors influencing their future choice. It can be seen that popularization of ultra-high definition is a gradual process, that is, a process of gradual transition from high-end projects to ordinary projects, from key parts to many parts. This process also modernizes security industry. again and move to a new height of industry development.

Ultra HD video industry trends

1. Advances in technologies such as storage, codec, and 5G are supporting evolution of ultra-high definition video industry.

With location of major companies in ultra high definition industry chain, and product and technology upgrades and improvements, key technologies of ultra high definition video industry will be effectively improved. With technological advances in data storage, codecs and light sensors, low self-sufficiency of core components such as storage chips and processors will be improved in my country. The development of 5G technology guarantees transmission of ultra-high definition network video and development of terminals.

4 trillion market in 4 years! Period of ultra-high-definition capabilities to be used by security personnel

2. Television is moving towards 8K+5G, and projectors and VR equipment could be new breakthrough points.

On one hand, with realization of high definition, development of 5G technology, and catalysis of international events such as Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, future of television will gradually move towards "8K". +5G", really going out into ordinary world. House of ordinary people. At same time, set-top boxes will also develop towards intelligent voice control, zero delay and zero latency. On other hand, ultra-high definition projectors can be purchased by a large number of consumers or even replace TVs in future due to their large projection screens, compactness and portability.

3. Television and entertainment are still most popular areas, and security, medical and other areas are expected to lead outbreak.

The UHD video industry has a wide range of applications. TV stations in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai and Hunan have pilot-produced and broadcast 4K ultra-high-definition TV programs and launched 4K viewing area services.

Currently, security monitoring, medical imaging, and industrial manufacturing are likely to be leading applications of future. have great prospects.

In recent years, aging of population, accelerated urbanization and imbalance between supply and demand of medical resources have led to an increase in demand for medical equipment.

It can be said that UHD video application scenarios are just tip of iceberg at this stage, and more research and deeper applications will be needed in future. With a market potential of 4 trillion yuan, security companies must be prepared, actively respond, and occupy ultra-high resolution "geomantic omen treasure".