June 29, 2023

Whether monthly salary is 3,000 or 10,000, who has final say on weak current sales wages.

Whether monthly salary is 3,000 or 10,000, who has final say on weak current sales wages.

Why is there such a huge difference in wages for same job? Monthly salary of 3,000 or 10,000, who has final say on salary of weak current sales?

The biggest enemy of sales is not opponent, not too high a price, not abandoning your customers, not company system, not a bad product, biggest enemy is: Your attitude! Your complaints, excuses, delays, etc. have become a stumbling block to your salary increase.

What attitudes towards sales affect our work?

01, glass heart

The heart of glass is at work here, and once criticized it will be sluggish, and it will be sluggish when faced with denial, self-denial and even idea ​"I don't want to do this anymore."

In sales business, customers will inevitably be rejected, main thing is how you treat it. There's no job in this world that doesn't hold grudges, Put your glassy heart away at work and live a more honest life. If you want to get something, you must face it and face failure.

02. Complain often

Some people complain about bad work: market is bad, customers are not easy to serve, colleagues compete for customers, company system is not good, boss is not good... In short, it's fault. others, and never look for reasons in yourself, always attribute failure to external environment.

For a salesperson, whether or not a business thrives depends largely on external environment, but most important factor is their own attitude. Stop complaining, stop whining, work hard, 100% enthusiasm, that's main way. Opportunities are everywhere at work, and blindly complaining will only make you miss them again and again.

03. Don't think about progress

When success stagnates, complacency becomes biggest stumbling block to further growth in sales performance. When people are idle, they are useless. Times want to eliminate you, but they don't even greet you.

Today's weak industry is changing and products are being updated quickly. As a seller, you must constantly learn to keep up with times. If you're not busy at work, take time to read and study, and learn another skill that won't do any harm.

04. Looking down on others

Some people treat customers differently depending on their clothing.

In fact, anyone can become your customer. When a customer enters a store, no matter where they come from or what they are doing, they should feel at home. This attitude to sales can persist for a long time.

05. Procrastination

Whether or not to call, I wasted several minutes of agonizing time; when I came to customer's door, I had to go in and visit or not, and I lost a few minutes of tormentspruce time; hesitation, struggle and unwillingness to face delays caused. If you delay time, wealth will quietly leave your side as time goes on!

Make a plan for day before you go to work, distinguish between major and minor, and learn how to use 80-20 rule to break down tasks. Organize reasonable use of time, combine work and leisure, increase labor efficiency.

06. Fear of competition

For sellers, competition is inevitable, main thing is what kind of mentality they have to deal with.

Calmly and actively confronting competitors is a necessary quality and ability for any seller who wants to achieve outstanding results.

The so-called born in sorrow and dying in peace, sometimes competition and sorrow are stepping stones that will help you on ladder of success.

Returning to question at beginning: who decides whether monthly salary of weak current sales is 3000 or 1000?

Of course, you have last word! Regardless of external environment, if we are strong enough, success will come by itself sooner or later.