June 29, 2023

10 suggestions for monitoring and installing security engineering companies in 20 years to solve most practical problems

mm lens selection

According to environment, most cameras use a 4mm lens, and elevator monitor uses 2.8-3.6mm, and hemisphere with a cap is better.

Parking Suggestions

Generally speaking, for residential car parks, especially underground and semi-underground car parks such as basement, height of camera should not be lower than height of ventilation pipes and fire extinguishing pipes, and try not to look directly at road. When installing, try to use camera as widely as possible and use fewest number of cameras to see largest area.

Wiring and power supply suggestions

According to wiring and cost considerations, camera with POE power mode can be used, and 24V DC supply voltage or 48V standard voltage is used to reduce voltage to DC 12V through module. (Try about 90 meters away, stable and unchanged), it can ignore effect of line-of-sight on DC voltage, and ensure normal operation of camera and data transmission over long distances. It is not recommended to use POE power supply to monitor elevator. You can contact elevator installer first. After negotiation, tie network cable to accompanying electric chair cable and take AC220V from control box on top of elevator car to supply power to the transformer. Wireless modules can also be used for data transmission.

10 suggestions for monitoring and installing security engineering companies in 20 years to solve most practical problems
Recommendations for fiber optic and network cabling

Most optical fibers use single or twin core outer fibers with steel wires. When laying wiring, tension with a small force is not afraid to break optical fiber. This can ensure that optical fiber does not break in final test, and re-wiring will increase amount of work. As for network cable, there are many brands, so I will not introduce it, but you must ensure that network cable is a quality product, otherwise it will affect stability of camera connection.

Recommendations for choosing a switch

The POE switches and switches use high power products with gigabit bandwidth. The cascade switches usually use commercial TP series gigabit switches, and transceivers also use gigabit level to ensure data transfer capacity from external interface and prevent screen hang and data loss when server NVR checks live images and other activities. .

NVR Suggestions

NVR, in terms of use, I still think Zhongwei products are more suitable. The control interface and its simple operation mode can be debugged at an early stage of project, and finally put into operation and delivered to Party A at a later stage. Provide great convenience. According to network and non-network requirements of Party A, products with two network ports or with one network port can be used.

IP related offers

When installing a camera, you must first determine segment of IP address to be used and determine IP address of each spot camera. After installing camera in assembly area, you can first turn on test, and then simultaneously press a certain segment of IP address and address of point change camera's IP address.

Extranet related offers

For community monitoring, if you need to connect to an external network, it is recommended to use Zhongwei products with two network ports. The camera uses internal network, and external network port connects to existing external network, avoiding conflicts between IP addresses of NVR and camera and other existing network devices.

Fiber offer

Fiber connection, if possible, use hot melt connection more stable. Cold connection is only suitable for temporary quick connection, hot melt adhesive is better for stable and long time use.

NVR login password and permission assignment

Regarding NVR login password and authority distribution, I personally suggest that when handing over StoRon A has created several accounts with different levels of authority for respective users in actual use. Especially for those related to rights to change system, it is recommended to reserve rights to prevent Party A from changing parameters incorrectly in subsequent use, resulting in screen loss or hard disk formatting and other erroneous actions. Please confirm and negotiate before transfer.