June 28, 2023

Why Choose a Dedicated Hard Drive for Video Storage

Special hard disk control is mainly designed to provide high reliability and customized mass storage products for users of security DVR systems or special users (Internet cafe, KTV) who need continuous operation and data storage, so that users can store and easier to manage For data such as surveillance videos, TV programs, videos, photos and documents, a hard drive requires stable performance and high reliability.

Why Choose a Dedicated Hard Drive for Video Storage

What is advantage of a dedicated monitoring hard drive over a regular hard drive?

1. The degree of language proficiency is different

The dedicated hard disk for monitoring is configured according to system specifications of hard disk DVR. It can support VCR recording and playback very smoothly, optimizes storage, reading and writing of streaming media, and is more stable than ordinary computer hard drives in terms of system data and mathematical image information.

2. Start faster

The mechanism for turning on conventional hard drives is to instantly start at full speed, and current will probably reach about 2 amps or even higher. The special monitoring hard disk starts slowly and accelerates, and current will be monitored at about 1.5A. If DVR is installed with multiple hard disks, it will inevitably lead to failure of power supply.

3. The monitoring hard drive has a longer service life

In addition, dedicated monitoring hard disk has optimized read and write structure, which can extend life of magnetic head.

4. Price difference

Compared to ordinary computer hard drives, video surveillance hard drives are almost same in price, but differ in special technical support: first one pays more attention to performance, and second one focuses on stable reading and writing. Relatively expensive, only enterprise-class hard drives, because they are subject to higher requirements.

5. Transmission difference

In addition to transfer mode of traditional computer hard disk, monitoring hard disk also introduces a new transfer mode, continuous transfer mode at up to 65MB/s.

With continuous transmission mode, HDD supports streaming media more reliably and fully guarantees smooth and stable playback of HDD DVR during recording. This is a feature that other hard drives do not have.

6. Launch difference

All 3.5-inch hard drives contain a motor system, so when hard drive is turned on, situation is similar to situation when engine is turned on: that is, a large starting current appears at initial time. power on to complete hard disk boot. If external hard drive power system cannot guarantee sufficient current when hard drive is turned on, hard drive will not start, making it unusable. And if this happens many times, it is easy to damage hard drive. Because hard drive motor is powered by 12 VDC from an external power system, 12 VDC is used as a reference when estimating hard drive's starting current.

The starting current of conventional computer hard drives is usuallyNo from 2.8 to 3.2 A. The monitoring hard disk inrush current is up to 2.0 A. Hard disk DVRs often use multiple hard disks for data storage. Take an installation of 8 hard disks as an example: inrush current of conventional hard disks computer disks is 2.8×8=22.4A, and lowest power consumption is 22.4A×12V=268.8W. The starting current of special hard disk DVR is 2.0A×8=16A, and maximum power consumption is 16A×12V=192W.

It can be seen that with same number of hard disks, reference hard disk has lower requirements for external power supply system (when supporting external power supply with same output power, number of dedicated DVR hard disks that can be installed will be larger).

Explanation: In case of above example, if external power system can only guarantee 250W, when using ordinary PC hard drives, some hard drives can be recognized, some hard drives are not recognized, and there is no pattern. .

Therefore, all engineering companies, especially in large-scale monitoring systems, try to use hard drives designed for monitoring. Since average uptime of dedicated monitoring hard disk is much longer than that of a regular computer hard disk, stability and reliability are higher.