June 27, 2023

Really! Eating bread can also reveal drunk driving, drivers should be careful

Really! Eating bread can also reveal drunk driving, drivers should be careful

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Eating bread to detect drunk driving

On June 5, police from Badong Brigade of Hubei Expressway detained a man "suspected of drunk driving" in Yesangguan service area of ​​the Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway, but he looked surprised and said he never drank. The two sides talked back and forth for several rounds and traffic police did a breath test again and this time result was 17mg/100ml. After interrogation, driver said that he had just eaten soft bread for breakfast.

Really! Eating bread can also reveal drunk driving, drivers should be careful

Hearing this, police realized bread might be culprit, so they asked man to cooperate with test. First let him rinse his mouth with water and then test, result 0. Then he was tested immediately after he ate a piece of soft bread, and result was 108 mg/100 ml.

Bread is a fermented food. If fermentation time is too long or bread is stored too long, yeast will produce alcohol through anaerobic respiration. If you just eat bread before traffic police check, you are most likely "drunk drivers."

Not everyone who eats bread and learns about drunk driving doesn't count as driving

Perhaps, after seeing this news, someone is really going to leave for same reason.

Ten days later, on June 15, Badong Brigade of Hubei Expressway Traffic Police also detained two drivers suspected of drunk driving, both of whom said they had eaten bread.

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    After checking on spot, driver surnamed Li was indeed "drunk driving" because he ate fermented bread, but driver surnamed Zhu was exposed as lying and he was indeed drunk driving. As a result, Zhu was fined 2,000 yuan, 12 points in his driving license, and temporarily detained for 6 months.

    Knowing that eating bread can lead to drunk driving, he used bread as a cover. The "smart" brother's way of deceiving himself and others could not escape legal sanctions. I advise these lucky drivers to stay away from drunk driving. , true love of life.

    Eating these foods can also be tested for drunk driving.

    In fact, foods that are easy to drink and drive are also easy to come into contact with us. For example, alcoholic chocolate, drunken chicken, drunken shrimp, steamed blue crab with rice wine, fermented bean curd, egg yolk cake, mouthwash, Huoxiangzhengqi water, durian, lychee, sports drinks and etc., it is easy to call "drunk driving". However, if you eat these foods, if amount is not too high, if you don't get behind wheel right away, alcohol content will soon go back to zero.

    What if I have objections to traffic police check for drunk driving?

    If you are sure that you did not drink alcohol, you can explain situation and ask police officers who arrived at scene to wait a few minutes before taking test. Don't worry too much. Even if you have objections to conclusions drawn by breath test, you can still use blood test method to checkand finally, use blood ethanol content to determine if there is an illegal activity. As long as you're not drunk driving, I believe scientific evidence will prove your innocence.

    Of course, it is still recommended to avoid drinking or drinking foods or drinks that are easy to test for drunk driving before drunk driving.

    Finally, remember following:

    Thousands of roads

    Safety first.

    Drink before driving

    Two lines of tears for relatives.