June 26, 2023

Life is priceless|Remember Lindian law 12345, stay away from electric shock accidents

Temporary use of electricity refers to especially dangerous electrical work, therefore, in relevant regulatory documents and technical conditions, high safety requirements and technical requirements for temporary use of electricity are established.

Especially during rainy season, if temporary use of electricity is not in accordance with regulations, it may cause electric shock to working electrician or workers in the work area.

Better manage your energy consumption, be mindful of Lindian 12345, and stay clear of potential security hazards.

Life is priceless|Remember Lindian law 12345, stay away from electric shock accidents

"1" - chain

Temporary power consumption at construction site must be organized and designed in a unified way, with a single construction plan for temporary power consumption, a power supply source and a construction, installation, repair and management team for temporary power consumption. . It is strictly forbidden to connect wires indiscriminately and take electricity from several sources.

"2" - two levels of protection

All electrical equipment on construction site must be equipped with a leakage protection device at head end of load line of equipment, with exception of protection and neutral connection. At same time, a leakage protector must be installed in junction box.

"3" - third level power distribution

The power distribution system should be provided with a main junction box, a junction box, and a junction box. According to sequence of power transmission, main distribution box → distribution box → distribution box, a complete three-level power consumption (distribution) system is formed. Thus, power distribution level is clear, which is convenient for control and troubleshooting.

The main junction box must be located in close proximity to power source. Junction boxes should be installed in areas of relative concentration of electrical equipment or loads. The power distribution box and junction box should be installed in a dry, ventilated place at a normal temperature, away from places that are easily affected by foreign solid objects and strong vibrations, or in order to protect the environment.

Life is priceless|Remember Lindian law 12345, stay away from electric shock accidents

"4" - four principles

Each electrical equipment must be equipped with its own special junction box, and a special isolating switch and leakage protection device must be installed in junction box. The same junction box and same switching device should not directly control more than two electrical devices. . A leakage protector must be installed in junction box. These are four installation principles of "one machine, one box, one gate and one leak" in specification requirements.

"5" - five "core" cables

The TN-S three-phase five-wire power supply system must be implemented in power supply system with neutral grounding directly on construction site. The cable type and specification must use a five-core cable.

In order to correctly distinguish between phase wire, phase sequence, neutral wire and protective neutral wire in cable conductors, and to prevent misuse accidents, wire colors should use different safe colors.

Phase sequence colors L1(A), L2(B), L3(C) – yellow, green and red respectively; working zero line N - light blue; protective zero line PE - two-color green-yellow. Under no circumstances should a green/yellow double color be used as a load line.

Finally, I still want to remind everyone that when using electricity temporarily, protective measures must be observed. If there are no effective personal protective equipment, protective measures and equipment, it is easy to cause accidents such as electric shock and arcing. burns, resulting in human casualties.