June 26, 2023

Sichuan Changning Earthquake Emergency Rescue Service on road

At 10:55 pm on June 17, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit Changning County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, and a 3.1 magnitude earthquake hit at 08:39 on 18th. At present, relevant rescue teams have arrived in disaster area one by one.

Sichuan Changning Earthquake Emergency Rescue Service on road
Internet of Things Earthquake Early Warning, Hope for Life

During earthquake, many residents of Chengdu's high-tech zone said they heard sirens before they felt quake. The siren came from mainland earthquake early warning network jointly established by Chengdu Hi-tech Institute for Disaster Reduction and relevant emergency management departments (including original city and county earthquake departments). This early warning network gave a 10 second early warning to Yibin City and a 61 second early warning to Chengdu.

What can 10 seconds and 61 seconds do? This point, which at ordinary times seems to be overlooked, is often difference between life and death when an earthquake strikes. During this period, people outside can more easily run out to open areas, people indoors can hide under tables and beds, and residents on low floors can even quickly run out to open areas outside. The Earthquake Early Warning Network on mainland is of great importance to people in earthquake zone.

It is reported that China Earthquake Early Warning Network is a fully automatic Internet of Things that can provide a second-level response. By deploying dense earthquake early warning monitors in major earthquake areas and using principle that radio waves travel faster than seismic waves, it is possible to provide users with fully automatic second level earthquake early warning signals a few seconds or tens of seconds before an earthquake. causes damage. Based on this, people can avoid danger in time and reduce number of casualties, and important projects can be solved urgently to reduce economic losses and secondary disasters.

Technology makes disaster relief easier after an earthquake

Although there is early warning, there is no effective way to predict earthquakes, so emergency response after earthquakes is especially important.

In hazardous areas, after an earthquake, drones can penetrate deep into scene to shoot, deliver emergency supplies and send first-hand video data from disaster site to command center.

In rescue operations where every second counts, life sensors and thermal imaging cameras allow rescuers to detect signs of life and understand condition of injured in hard-to-reach and unpredictable environmental conditions so that rescuers can make quick decisions.

The terrain after disaster is difficult, and some patients with severe injuries do not have time and are not suitable for traveling long distances, so they can only be treated on spot in shortest possible time. In qualityAs an auxiliary system for earthquake relief and emergency communications and management, wireless video surveillance system is also a helper for rescuers: it can not only take pictures in places where personnel cannot enter and send images in real time, but also conduct remote consultations. when rescuing victims.

The security system has become an important pillar for emergency system.

Earthquake rescue includes pre-earthquake rescue and post-earthquake rescue. Of course, this industry is not only a simple application of relevant industrial equipment, technologies and products in emergency situations, but also a comprehensive organic industry, which must provide measures and means such as effective prevention and preparedness for emergency situations, monitoring and early warning, recycling and salvation. ,body.

Nowadays, rescue equipment is used more widely and professionally, they are more technical and relevant The essence of rescue.

The emergency care industry in my country is showing a strong development trend, and emergency care system has basically taken shape. Among them, safety technologies have various applications and play an indispensable role in improving integrated capabilities of disaster prevention and emergency response, security and emergency management.

In face of earthquakes, security industry can do a lot: detection and alert products can help in early detection, reduce casualties and property damage, disaster alert and rescue operations can save lives as much as possible. However, current domestic emergency rescue equipment, equipment and technology are not perfect, and more security companies should deal with it. realize safety burden protection!