June 25, 2023

Second Child Abuse Trial Verdict Red-Yellow-Blue: Is a Child Really Safe When Monitored?

"I have a long telescope, I see your house all time, I know what you do and say."

I never thought that one day I would give my child to beast.

Second Child Abuse Trial Verdict Red-Yellow-Blue: Is a Child Really Safe When Monitored?

On June 11, incident of child abuse by kindergarten teachers at Beijing Red-Yellow-Blue Kindergarten was finally resolved. The Beijing No. 3 Intermediate People's Court rendered a second instance judgment in case, ruling that Liu's appeal was dismissed and original judgment upheld. Liu was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison for crime of abuse of a guardian and was ordered to be banned from caring for and educating minors for 5 years.

The bad guy got his well-deserved punishment, but he was very blocked because I knew that this child abuse case would not be last.

South Korea has a movie called "Melting Pot". Some netizens commented, "A film that I never dared to make, but reality always shows it to you."

Second Child Abuse Trial Verdict Red-Yellow-Blue: Is a Child Really Safe When Monitored?

In a kindergarten in Henan Province, a teacher stabbed a child in face with a needle for miscalculating addition;

At a kindergarten in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, a teacher dragged a child to cause a fracture and then taught him to lie;

At a kindergarten in Xinghua, Jiangsu Province, a teacher scalded seven children with an electric iron for talking in class;

In a kindergarten in Shanghai, teacher put girl's lower body in beans, and only after 4 days it turned out that she was sent to hospital to get her out;

In a kindergarten in Shanxi, a teacher slapped over 70 children in face;

Ctrip Kindergarten forced to feed children mustard, disinfectant and sleeping pills...

Second Child Abuse Trial Verdict Red-Yellow-Blue: Is a Child Really Safe When Monitored?

The case of child abuse that happened together not only upset us, but also showed us loopholes in kindergarten's security system.

Some kindergartens do not have monitoring, and those that do have monitoring “for unexplained reasons” break when setting up monitoring. Even if monitoring is not broken, this is evidence after event, and damage has already been done, can such an incident be avoided?

Who will protect my child?

In fact, Ministry of Public Security has long issued "Safety and Prevention Standards for Primary, Secondary Schools and Kindergartens", which requires "installation of a one-button alarm in school and connecting it to network." local alarm center"; "Install video devices" to achieve "no dead ends in public places". In addition, it is also required that “the school set up a security surveillance room and implement communication management of device video acquisition, alarm, electronic control and system information through management software, and video acquisition and alarm system. facilities should be connected to monitoring platform of public security authority.”

Should kindergartens set monitoring uniformly?

Deputies of National People's Congress proposed to install surveillance cameras in all kindergartens in order to create a safe and transparent environment for development of kindergartens. 360 Zhou Hongyi also published an article suggesting installation of intelligent monitoring equipment, which is convenient for parents to check in real time.

As a parent, you certainly want to see all your kids' activities in park, but some people are worried that their kids' privacy will be exposed;

As a teacher, I don't want anyone to follow me in real time. Should I criticize my child for making a mistake? Will my behavior lead to misunderstanding on part of my parents? This undoubtedly puts a strain on teacher's heart.

To protect privacy of children and teachers and reassure parents, a process of discussion and coordination is required.

Second Child Abuse Trial Verdict Red-Yellow-Blue: Is a Child Really Safe When Monitored?
Teachers' love and responsibility are children's iron walls

Even if real-time monitoring is set uniformly, is child really safe? Can technology stop people's hearts?

Installing monitoring may be most direct, fastest, and most efficient method, but it doesn't solve fundamental problem per se. As teacher who doesn't want to set up real-time monitoring said: if you really want to do something for your children, there will always be dead ends in monitoring.

In fact, looking at these cases, it is not difficult to find that some kindergarten teachers have no pedagogical qualifications at all, some lack professionalism, and kindergarten lacks governance and oversight mechanisms...

So, safety of children in kindergarten depends on leadership of kindergarten and professionalism of teachers. A real copper wall and an iron wall must be built by teachers with love and responsibility, professionalism and dedication. Surveillance cameras can be useful, but not necessarily best option.

To be a teacher, morality is paramount! We believe that most teachers are good teachers worthy of title "teacher".

Finally, I hope that kindergarten will strengthen management, appoint professional teachers, and relevant departments will strengthen supervision and verification, and then take advantage of power of safety technology so that every child can grow up healthy and happy in sun!