June 24, 2023

Security Camera Care Tips

If a surveillance camera breaks down or has a minor problem, it can be fully repaired. There is no need to buy new ones, and some common faults are easily fixed. But you must understand composition of surveillance cameras.

Security Camera Care Tips

Surveillance camera composition

1. Surveillance camera body

Surveillance camera housings are mainly divided into waterproof camera housings, dome camera housings, and bolt-on camera housings. The beauty of camera is mainly reflected in body, which also becomes an important factor in price of entire machine. , The market is same configuration, if camera body is different, price of whole machine can be doubled, which is usually main profit of camera manufacturer.

2.CCD chip

CCD boards are mainly composed of Sharp and Sony chips, and there are also some Korean and domestic solutions. Basically, solutions on market are similar, but due to different composition of components, some of them are some of them are completely imported, and some of them are simply mixed with ingredients, which will result in a slight difference in price and features, which is also main profit of trader.

3. Infrared Light Panel

Infrared lamp boards are mainly distinguished by wicks, and each wick is divided into many grades from 1 angle to 1 yuan, but Guanglei and Dingyuan wicks are mainly basic

4. Lens

The lens is an integral part of telemonitoring system. The lens interacts with CCD camera to display a distant target on CCD target surface of camera. There are many types of lenses, which can be divided into short throw, medium throw, and focal and zoom lenses by focal length; according to size of field of view, they can be divided into wide-angle, standard, and telephoto lenses; From structural classification, they can also be divided into fixed focus fixed iris lens, manual iris fixed focus lens, auto iris fixed focus lens, manual zoom lens, auto iris electric zoom lens. , and electric lenses with three variables (meaning aperture, focal length and focus, which are variable) and other types. Since choice of lens is suitable or not, it is directly related to quality of camera, so for practical applications, it is necessary to choose lens wisely.

5. Other accessories

Others mainly include some combination connection accessories, such as lens mounts, video cables, screw copper pins, etc.

Most of common faults are related to analog and digital system problems, and these two aspects of inspection and maintenance can usually be resolved

Maintenance of simulation system

First check if bnc connector is soldered first, camera to splitter, splitter to DVR, splitter to matrix. If bnc is not soldered properly during installation, soldering will not take long. Check if video cable is broken.

Second, check ifIs camera power supply OK (12V or 24V). Is power supply of DVR, divider and matrix normal?

Third, check if bnc interface of DVR, splitter and matrix is ​​OK by paging. That is, connect a jumper with an image channel to a channel without an image to see if there is an image, if not, then channel is broken.

Digital system maintenance

First, check if LAN port LED on switch is on.

Three things usually happen:

(1) Lights up and flashes to indicate a normal signal.

(2) If it is only on and not blinking, then there is a problem with camera. First turn off power of camera for a while, and then reboot it (this happens in most cases)

(3) Does not light up. First, check if RJ45 quartz head is in good condition (check both switch and camera), and if camera's power supply is normal (12V or 24V). Check if network cable is damaged.

Second, check if host is working properly. Log in to see if you can find ip address of channel without image (i.e. camera address). If not, check if there are any problems with switch and camera.

Third, restart network camera, switch and host. As long as it is confirmed that hardware is not broken, most restarts can fix problem.

Fourthly, if fiber optic transmission is used, you need to check if fiber optic transceivers at both ends work normally.