June 24, 2023

Network Camera Troubleshooting

Network Camera Troubleshooting

The network camera is called WEBCAM, and full English name is WEB CAMERA. This is a new generation camera, created by combining traditional cameras and network technologies. If you use a standard web browser (such as "Microsoft IE or Netscape") you can monitor your images. Common network camera problems can be found by troubleshooting.

Network Camera Troubleshooting

In principle, start simple

Start from simple to complex, take analog camera as a list, start from front end, first check for problems with BNC connection of VCR to hard disk, rotate and remove BNC connection jumper to see if shield wire is oxidized.

Check problem with DVR interface again and try another image interface to see if there is an image. If black bars are moving on video, it usually means that power supply is getting old and current attenuation is not enough. Replace power supply. If there is no video, you should first use a multimeter to check if power supply is working. there is a current, and then use engineering treasure to check if camera has images. If not, then camera is broken.

After updating program, video cannot be played normally

Resolution: close all browsing pages, locate following files in operating system directory: NetClient.dll, NetViewX.cab, NetViewX.ocx and delete them. Then use browser to reconnect IP camera, browser will prompt you to reset playback control.

If you still cannot view, it is recommended to add IP address or address segment of network camera to browser trust site and configure appropriate security settings to enable or prompt.

Why is there an error when accessing IP camera through a browser after upgrade?

Decision. Delete browser cache. Specific operation steps: Open browser, select "Tools - Internet Options", click "Delete Files" button in second item (Temporary Internet Files), check "Delete all offline content" option, and then "Of course". Log in to IP camera again.

Unable to find IP camera using IP address finder or central management software?

Check network cable and power supply first. If camera still cannot find IP address after confirmation, you need to confirm your network segment to see if network segment of network camera matches your computer's network segment. Change network segment of IP camera to same one as your computer . So your computer can find IP address of IP camera.

If default IP address is or [depending on user manual], if default IP address has not been changed, first change computer's IP address to an IP address on same network segment, as a network camera. .

Why can I watch IP camera on internal network after connecting it, but not on external network?

There are two factors to this question. First, there is no port mapping because each camera must transmit signal and watch it through monitor.

If we don't do port mapping, signal will not be sent, so signal will only be on internal network, so external network will not be able to receive signal, making it impossible for monitor to work on external network. control situation on spot in real time.

Another problem is with your computer's domain name. Check if you can login. Generally speaking, external network access address of network camera is directly related to domain name. The external network access address of network camera can be external network address of your computer. The network IP address plus a port number, or your domain name information plus a port number.

Actually, there are only two camera failures

1. Power failure. If you don't have a multimeter handy, most intuitive way is to close camera and leave a gap to see if infrared lamp is on. The infrared lamp does not work.

2. If power supply is OK, camera is broken, as well as poor contact of BNC connector behind camera. Of course, video cable also needs to be checked.