June 20, 2023

The most comprehensive complaints line in history, it is recommended to keep it for emergencies.

The most comprehensive complaints line in history, it is recommended to keep it for emergencies.

1. 12345 All complaints from local governments, commonly known as mayor's hotline

2. 12320 Health Bureau Complaints from health facilities, disputes between doctors and patients, complaints and reports of counterfeit medicines

3, 12358 Development and Reform Commission price claim

4, 12369 Bureau of Environmental Protection Pollution complaints, noise pollution, light pollution, environmental pollution, etc.

5, 12398 Electricity Regulatory Bureau Electricity Complaint

6, 12365 Quality Supervision Bureau Quality Complaint

7, 12333 Labor Bureau Complaints about labor and labor disputes, non-payment of wages, lack of protection of labor rights

8, 12316 Agricultural Bureau Complaints about Sannong problems

9, 12350 Bureau of Safety Oversight Safety Complaint

10, 12319 Municipal Office City Appearance Committee Complaints, some places are called City Office

11, 12313 National Tobacco Monopoly Administrative Law Enforcement Line

12, 12380 Complaints about employment of staff in Organizational Department

13, 12388 Disciplinary review and oversight, party behavior, government cleanliness, and anti-corruption complaints

14, 12366 Tax Department tax advice and complaint

15, 12336 Complaints from Land Department about illegal use of land

16, 12390 Publishing Department Anti-Piracy Complaint

17, 12318 Bureau of Cultural Affairs Complaint about cultural activities

18, 12395 Marine Sea Rescue

19, 12338 Women's Rights Federation

20, 12348 Legal Services Bureau of Justice, free legal advice

21, 12368 filing a lawsuit and legal advice, commonly known as filing a lawsuit here

22, 12396 Department of Science and Technology Rural Science and Technology Services

23, 12309 Prosecutor's report

24, 12319 Construction sector Heating, public transport, water supply, gas, construction industry, consulting services

25, 12349 Community, Cleaning Service

26, 12321 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, spam report

27, 12335 Department of Commerce Complaints against overseas companies

28, 12340 Bureau of Statistics, social conditions survey

29, 12351 Workers' Rights Trade Union

30, 12360 Customs Customs Service

31, 12361 Children's Charitable Foundation

32, 12371 Party member consultation

33, 12377 Illegal Internet Use Report

34, 12305 Complaints established by State Postal Bureau