June 18, 2023

As a weak current builder, if you don't know these skills, just wait to be eliminated.

Low current builder definition

Electricity in project is divided into strong electricity and weak electricity. Weak electricity, such as internal security, etc., all belong to this type of electricity consumption, and weak electricity builders are grassroots management personnel who direct installation and construction of weak electricity on site.

Basic quality and skill requirements for light-duty builders

1. Seriously implement after-sales maintenance system to ensure normal operation of project's low-current system equipment and extend life of low-current system equipment.

2. Familiar with low current systems such as BA system, intercom system, security monitoring system, background audio, emergency broadcast system, and toll collection system, and can repair and troubleshoot common faults.

3. In accordance with requirements of equipment inspection rules of low-voltage system, do a good job of after-sales service of low-voltage system in project organized by manager.

4. It is good to carry out maintenance of planned low current system equipment in accordance with requirements of low current system equipment maintenance rules.

5. Perform other tasks assigned by superiors.

6. Have good communication skills

As a weak current builder, if you don't know these skills, just wait to be eliminated.

The specific content of work of weakly working builders

1. Assist project manager in preparing for commencement of project, pre-approving drawings and construction plans, and proposing technical arrangements and site construction plans.

2. Prepare a general project schedule and monthly schedule, as well as a monthly schedule for each construction team.

3. Carefully review materials required for project and strictly control quality of incoming materials.

4. Monitor and manage construction site, and solve major quality and safety issues with relevant departments in a timely manner.

5. Issue a journal of construction assignments, a list of applications for quoting materials and disclosure of construction technology to a brigade of a subordinate specialty.

6. Monitor and require construction materials and equipment to be delivered to site on time and in proper condition to ensure smooth running of project.

7. Participate in construction measurement and planning of works in project.

8. Assist responsible technician to jointly review drawings and technical disclosure.

9. Participate in project coordination meeting and regular monitoring meeting, raise and understand problems that arise during project construction process, think according to problems, formulate solutions and implement improvements.

10. Participate in project completion verification and be responsible for full defense of project.

11. Responsible for coordinating work between various sub-projects of project and construction team.

Suggestions for those who want to become a weak builder

1. A weakly flowing major is also an electronic major in a broad sense

2. The specialty of university is not really a key factor for entering society in order to make a career, existing system of higher education cannot guarantee professional qualifications, and it is still a wide-ranging basis. If you are engaged in technical work after graduation, then you have to study and engage in electrical installation for more than 2 years.

3.Weak current technical engineer, existing certificate is called NCEE, but market and industry do not agree with it.This certificate can only confirm that you have completed relevant training, and this is not a mandatory national requirement.

A civil engineer certificate is more useful and is also a requirement for obtaining a nationally qualified certificate for position of construction project manager.

4. Weak modern technologies will develop slowly. Under normal conditions, they will reach a transient level after 5 years.