June 18, 2023

How to connect a wireless network camera to a mobile phone

The wireless camera is a versatile video transmission system for professional visits and unannounced recordings. The product has a long service life and is easy to install. Can be divided into 2.4G5.8G wireless camera and WiFi wireless car camera and so on.

How to connect a wireless network camera to a mobile phone

Wireless camera outputs normal PAL TV signal, built-in electronic automatic photosensitive device, provides automatic light compensation function, low power consumption, blur prevention and smear phenomenon.

The following is a detailed description of steps for connecting a wireless network camera to a mobile phone

1. First of all, there is a set of equipment for wireless surveillance camera. Now wireless surveillance camera is an integral whole, unlike before, you need to install lens and infrared light yourself.

2. Connect wireless network surveillance camera to computer, turn on computer, and install wireless camera driver. Some of them do not require drivers, which is even better.

3. You can see port and IP address of wireless network surveillance camera on computer, which can be set by default or manually.

4. Follow instructions on computer interface to configure router so that router can automatically receive surveillance camera data for remote monitoring.

5. Install appropriate network surveillance camera application on your mobile phone. As a rule, when buying a camera, seller provides software along with it. Sometimes you need to download it on your mobile phone.

6. Set up wireless camera to support remote monitoring, turn on video recording function of surveillance camera, then turn on power to check image quality of DVR, and set login user name and password accordingly.

7. Then use your mobile phone to enter app and test remote effect.

Common problems connecting a wireless network camera to a mobile phone

1. The device is connected to network normally. Turn on device and get a message that network is busy.

Update or restart your phone to resolve issue.

Firmware: Try updating firmware and camera.

There is a problem with expansion memory card, try formatting or replacing internal memory card.

Router problem: be it an optical modem or a corporate router. Check your router settings, if network filtering rules are set, if DHCP is enabled normally, if a static IP address is set to cause IP address conflicts in local network, if router's firewall is enabled, parental controls, anti-scrambler function, etc.. are enabled .

Distance: The WIFI reception distance is usually less than 10 meters (without partitions).

2. Solving problem with turning off device

Maybe power off time is too long, just update firmware again.

Unable to connect to network or signal is unstable.

Test rangen: Wi-Fi exceeds distance range or signal barrier.

Light Cat: There will be issues with auto-off.

The above are some common connection methods. For details, see instructions for camera.