June 17, 2023

Functionality, quality and service are not very good. Why are "nickle switches" so popular in market?

Functionality, quality and service are not very good. Why are "nickle switches" so popular in market?

Switch Origin

With increase in computer performance and dramatic increase in communication traffic, traditional LAN exceeds its own load, and, as time goes on, Ethernet switch technology appears, which greatly improves performance of LAN. Speaking of development of LAN switching technology, it must be traced back to two-port bridge.

A bridge is a storage device used to connect similar LANs. Ethernet technology was developed from multiport bridges in early 1990s. It implements two lower layers of OSI model and is inextricably linked to bridging "bridges", thus new applications of existing technologies.

Compared to traditional LANs, switches provide more ports, better performance, and a more affordable price.

But "nickle switch" we made today, although it is ultimate Ethernet technology, is a scam compared to quality of 90s.

Functionality, quality and service are not very good. Why are "nickle switches" so popular in market?

What is function of a network switch?

A network switch is an advanced network device that can provide more connection ports per subnet to connect more terminal devices.

At same time, an Ethernet switch is a network device used to transmit electrical signals. Simply put, for any two network nodes connected to switch, independent paths for passage of electrical signals can be provided.

Because switch sends each information packet regardless of source port to destination port according to destination address of transmitted information packet, and not all ports, it avoids conflicts with other ports and improves actual network throughput.

Why network switch is called "five cents"

The development of science and technology takes time, but it should be noted that network switches are products that require extremely high technical content. The production process of network switches is relatively complex and requires a large amount of materials.

Although network switches have given market a taste of sweetness of technology, investment in labor, material and financial resources has not brought perfect results - especially in recent years, more and more switches are being produced, but for consumers, looking at appearance is same, as a function, but increasingly it is impossible to discern what difference is.

More and more companies want to carve up switch market, and lower threshold to enter industry, less profit they can make. As demand for switches has increased in information age, a large number of enterprises have entered this industry, and due to increased competition, prices have been reduced to a very low level, and sometimes cost cannot be recovered, resulting in a decrease in profitability of entire industry. To survive, some small workshops use cheap raw materials to reduce production costs in order to increase profits.

Functionality, quality and service are not very good. Why are "nickle switches" so popular in market?

Why do 5 cent switches sell well?

But why are small workshop network switches sometimes sold for more?

Not only because of its low price, but also because its biggest investment is not in research and development of product technology, but in promotional and marketing costs. Promotion costs alone can account for largest portion of a product's cost, so cost of production naturally adds up to a 50-cent effect.

Intensify promotion efforts, introduce consumers to amazing and wonderful features, continually enhance consumer experience, and explode at right time.

If they say that network switches are made for convenience of people, then marketing is only needed to make them habitual for more people who eat melons. But before that, product itself is more important: it’s okay to fool consumers once, but will consumers believe again? After all, products are still dependent on long-term word of mouth.