June 14, 2023

It is not easy! The engineering brothers are heartbroken after watching.

Last night, when I was returning home, a patrol policeman came to us. Suddenly they shouted to me: Stop!

Police: what are you doing?

The answer is: he is engaged in mechanical engineering.

Police: What is size of concrete test block?

I answer: 150*150*150.

Police: what is C35P6?

My answer: concrete strength class 35 MPa, water resistance class 6 class.

Police: Now you can go.

I answer: Why ask such a question?

Policeman: Still walking down street late at night, looking shabby and embarrassed, either a thief or an engineer!

It is not easy! The engineering brothers are heartbroken after watching.

1. The early risers are engineering and scavenging;

2. Those who sleep late are engaged in mechanical engineering and massage parlors;

3. Who can't eat on time is engaged in engineering and begging;

4. Those who are engaged in engineering and crime are afraid;

5. Persons working overtime without days off are engaged in engineering and street stall;

6. Those who develop and host programs cannot be mistaken;

7. Those who should arrive immediately after accident are driving cars and ambulances;

8. It's hard to quit after joining. Those who are engaged in engineering and underworld

9. Those who cannot return home are those involved in engineering and crime, who are still at large.

It is not easy! The engineering brothers are heartbroken after watching.

Hello... I'd like to dedicate this to all personnel fighting on engineering front!

1. Life is like concrete. She was just a puddle when she was born. Who knows what it will be like in future.

2.Life is like concrete.When it is first set and shaped, it will be done and it will be discarded if not achieved.

3. Life is like concrete, if it is not strongly vibrated in process of formation, it will be loose and loose, and not dense and strong.

4. Life is like concrete and different labels mean different compressibility.

5. Life is like concrete. She looks very durable. Once it can't handle pressure, it will become brittle and become construction debris and never get a chance to form.

6. Life is like concrete that needs maintenance.

7. Life is like concrete, you have to work with cracks.

8. Life is like concrete. There is no steel will in heart, and it cannot withstand any tension, twists, bends and cuts.

9. Life is like concrete. For seventy or eighty years, it must withstand pressure, impact, corrosion and fatigue... not collapse halfway through.

10. Life is like concrete. Wherever it is, it must have rigidity and a certain elasticity. The more static it is, safer it is.

11. Life is like concrete. The same label, some went to podium of BDK, and some became floor of the toilet.