June 11, 2023

Burn an entire room in 3 minutes, how to prevent an electric fire in summer

Burn an entire room in 3 minutes, how to prevent an electric fire in summer

In hot summers, people use air conditioners, electric fans and other household appliances more often. Since many people privately run wires and use electrical appliances inappropriately, there is not only a potential safety hazard, but also ease of starting an electrical fire.

In addition to loss of life and equipment damage, electrical fires can also cause power outages in power grid and severely damage national economy. Therefore, in everyday life, we must pay attention to safety.

How to prevent electricity fires

1. Check equipment regularly

Check if connection is loose, if there is an electric spark, if overload and short-circuit protection device of electrical equipment is reliable, and if equipment is well insulated.

If electrical equipment breaks down, it should be repaired by a professional person, and not taken apart and repaired without permission.

2. The smart choice of electrical equipment

Exclude use of "three no" electrical equipment. Electrical lines and electrical equipment must use electrical products with manufacturing licenses or CCC certificates.

In places with combustible and explosive materials, during installation and operation of electrical equipment, an explosion-proof version should be selected, and insulated wires should be sealed and laid in steel pipes.

Burn an entire room in 3 minutes, how to prevent an electric fire in summer

3. Maintain required safety distance

Electrical equipment must not be surrounded by flammable or explosive materials that can generate electrical sparks and dangerous high temperatures.

The meter box and switchboard (cabinet) must be fixed to non-combustible materials and be at a safe distance from combustible materials. Fire doors of cable wells must be locked and kept intact. No small objects should accumulate inside and around the meter box, switchboard (cabinet) and cable well.

4. Avoid overloading electrical equipment

All electrical equipment must be operated in a safe environment and must not be overloaded to avoid line failure that could lead to fire.

5. Acquaintance with knowledge of electrical safety and active participation in evacuation and evacuation drills.

Burn an entire room in 3 minutes, how to prevent an electric fire in summer
What to do after an electrical fire

1. Once electrical equipment has caught fire, it must not be directly flooded with water. Because water is conductive, contact with energized equipment may result in electric shock, which will degrade insulation performance of equipment and even cause equipment to explode, endangering personal safety.

2. If a short circuit and fire occurs only in a few electrical appliances, you can immediately turn off power switch of electrical appliance and cut off power supply. If entire circuit is lit, main switch must be turned off to cut off main power supply.

3. If power cannot be turned off quickly, carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride, or dry powder extinguishers can be used. Be careful not to use acid-base or foam extinguishers because extinguishing liquid is conductive and person holding extinguisher will receive an electric shock.

Summer is a period of high frequency of fires associated with electricity. For safety of yourself and others, please do not overload electricity, use "three no" products, and do not pull wires privately to avoid fire. If you find a fire, call 119 in time to call fire department.