June 10, 2023

I am over 30 years old, what kind of deposit can I have to feel safe?

Only one who can control money can manage his life better.

Some people say that turning 30 is a turning point in life.

At age of 30, you should take on more expectations and responsibilities, set your own life goals and direction, and enter a relatively stable state.

Someone asked a question on Zhihu: when a person turns 30, how much savings does he have to feel safe?

The answers below vary, and each has its own set of evaluation criteria.

In fact, this is understandable, because everyone has a different background, occupation and experience, and amount of money that can bring a sense of security is, of course, different.

But I agree with netizen's answer:

If you don't work for half a year, your life can go on as normal, including mortgage payments, car loans and credit cards, then you have a sense of security to a certain extent, and your life will not be too tight stretch.

But if answer is no, you are in a more dangerous state. Any sudden risk can hit you and even your entire family hard.

In other words, specific number is not important, it is important that you have enough savings to ensure a stable life.

I am over 30 years old, what kind of deposit can I have to feel safe?
Deposit is your ability to withstand risk

Coworker Lao Zheng caught a bad cold last week and still insisted on going to work.

I asked him why he didn't come back and rest properly, he smiled wryly and described his current living conditions to me:

Every month I look forward to payday. Once paycheck is received, I first use it to pay off my car loan, mortgage, and credit card. The rest will go to pay for kindergarten education. for children and replenish family. After all, I don’t have much money left ...

He said that he was often too anxious to sleep at night, afraid of getting sick, afraid to retire, afraid to rest...

Because he knows very well that once he stops, whole hard-working order of life can collapse.

The 2018 China Pension Prospects Survey Report shows that 55% of younger generation (under 35) in China have not yet started saving, meaning 55% of them have an account balance. is 0 or even a negative number.

This means that in this cruel and ever-changing society, these people are likely to fail.

When you are young, you always feel that life is too short, you should have fun in time, spend money for a while and get drunk now;

As I grow older, I finally understand that everything in this world is risky, and you need to have a mentality and ability to take risks.

You think that if you have a job with an iron rice bowl, then you don't have to worry, but society changes so quickly, there is no permanent and stable job, there is no life once and for all.

You think you've found a reliable man and created a happy family, but you don't know that marriage itself is a game of chance;

You think that your parents are your eternal haven, but you forget that when your parents are old, their health is not as good as it used to be. A sudden severe illness is enough to bring down whole family......

Leaning on mountains and mountains will fall, relying on everyone, running, relying only on yourself is a real king.

To some extent, your bank card balance is your ability to withstand future risks.

There is only one reason many young people unscrupulously consume ahead of time - relying on fact that you have parents behind you who will give you a net profit.

However, your parents spend half your life trying to make you grow up. When you get old, not only will you not enjoy your warmth and rewards, but you will be forced to support you. count your feelings?

A truly mature person will not only make a choice, but also pay for it.

A man who can fight to end has never relied on luck and intelligence, but on his ability to withstand risk.

I am over 30 years old, what kind of deposit can I have to feel safe?
Only when you have savings can you truly enjoy freedom

I was chatting with my friend Xuanzi a few days ago.

She complained to me that her current job not only pays less, but also often works overtime, her boss is unreliable, and her colleagues are not responsible for anything.

I couldn't listen anymore and asked: Then why don't you change jobs?

Xuanzi paused for a moment, showing embarrassment, "I want to change it too, but I didn't pay my rent next month and didn't get my money back last month. The little money on my card isn't enough to survive my retirement. In transition period...

Well, it's not because I don't have savings.

Is this a rarity in life?

Cling to painful work because there are no savings, so I don't dare to get sick, quit or quit;

I'm stuck in a trash marriage, but because I don't have any savings on hand, I'm afraid I won't be able to live alone, so I'm hesitant to get a divorce;

It's summer and I want to sweat profusely at gym like everyone else, but I can only hold back because I don't have savings...

Chinese actress Lucy Liu said in an interview:

One thing I learned from my father is that anything can be a business. So I work hard to save money after work. This money is called "go to your fund."

So when your boss wants to fire you or ask you to do something you don't want, you can tell him "fuck you!"

Yes, life is always unsatisfactory when you are confused, there is pressure, and when you are in trouble, you are mixed with blows.

But your savings can help you be most powerful support when you want to leave environment, leave person and change current dire situation.

Tsai Kang-gyong said, "An important measure of my happiness is whether I can always say no to many things that I don't like."

In many cases, your deposit means you have more options and ability to say "No" to world.

I am over 30 years old, what kind of deposit can I have to feel safe?
Deposits can inspire confidence

Heard a story from a reader:

I am a single mother. I've been divorced for 8 years now. When I first got divorced, I had almost nothing. I entered a new industry. No one knows how I gritted my teeth and survived those days.

For many years I have lived a modest lifestyle and carefully budgeted every month, and increasing number on my bank card is my biggest motivation. Last year, with money saved, I finally paid down payment on an 80-square-meter house on outskirts of town.

People around me thought I was crazy: why would a woman buy a house?

But I think, whether it's savings on a bank card or this house, most important thing for me is to have an independent life, not relying on trust of others.

In movie "True Love, False Love" there is this phrase: "I do not love money, but independent and free life that money brings."

A decent deposit is a person's strongest confidence, it is your strongest armor in this world, allowing you to overcome obstacles and face everyday difficulties with strength and fearlessness.

A reader left a message in background:

I am a courier, I have been working in a big city for a year, delivering food every day in wind and rain.

Many people say that there is no sense of belonging in big cities, but every time I think of 30,000 yuan in Cary, I am full of courage to gain a foothold in this city.

As Maugham said in "The Chains of Human Nature":People do not necessarily strive for wealth, but they must have enough means to maintain a decent life so that they can work unhindered, be generous and outspoken, able to be independent.

You don't have to be rich, but you do need to have an amount of money that represents your confidence in order to live easily and smile at all times.

I am over 30 years old, what kind of deposit can I have to feel safe?
Looking at those people who live well and comfortably on weekdays, you will find that most of them have following characteristics:

Learn how to earn, spend and save money.

The ability to make money: The ability to make money is a kind of ability. A person who can earn money will grow with changes of times and at same time constantly use his personal potential.

Know how to spend money: don't just buy and buy, but spend money discreetly and purposefully, and spend money on quality things that you really need.

Know how to save money: This does not mean blindly saving on living expenses, but wisely allocating your own income every month, with a fixed part reserved for savings or financial management, and other part reserved for daily expenses.

When we find that we want to spend less and less money, it doesn't mean that we become more and more stingy, but because we become more and more mature and begin to understand how to plan our money in more smart way to plan your future.

Only those who can control money can manage their lives better.

Adults, it's better to be free and less headstrong, and save more money when you have time.

May you be strong enough to protect people you care about for rest of your life, and may your hard work and savings today light your future life path.