June 09, 2023

Where is general installation location of access controller

Access Control System: Also known as Access Control System, it is based on traditional door locks. The access control controller is core of system, which uses a combination of modern computer technology and various identification technologies to realize an intelligent control method.

Portal controller common installation location

It is generally safer to install it in main control room. If there is no general control room, in city it is usually installed on ceiling

Installing an electric access control lock

When installing and modifying door, it is necessary to lay power line and control line in advance, deepen it into door or door frame and leave a certain length for connection to control electric lock.

When installing, checking and adjusting power lock and latch, lock must be accurate, and it can expand and contract normally when door is opened and closed;

Installation of electric locks cannot simply be mandatory for smooth closing of door, for example, a lock with an inside and outside part must close door without obvious play, a mortise or electric lock must be locked. with corresponding door or door The axis is flush, magnetic lock should not feel a clear impact when door is vigorously closed, and it is better if a closer can be installed.

Access controller connection diagram and installation process

In enterprises, it is possible to effectively monitor situation with entry and exit of personnel from company, and scientific and technical means are used in management. In schools, use of access control systems can effectively ensure personal safety and safety of students' property. Applicable to various confidential departments, such as banks, hotels, parking management, computer rooms, arsenals, confidential rooms, work rooms, intelligent communities, factories, etc.

Friends who come into contact with access controller for first time may not be very familiar with connection principle and circuit diagram of access controller. Don't worry, I will detail the relevant knowledge of connecting an access controller below, hoping to help friends who have such a need!

Where is general installation location of access controller

Access Controller Installation Precautions

Installation of access controller and precautions 1. Protection against electromagnetic interference

For card readers and door openers, special attention should be paid to EMI protection, especially interference problems from light switches, electric typewriters and computers. If conditions permit, installation location of card reader should be more than 30 cm away from power source.

Installation of access controller and precautions 2. Prevent attenuation of transmitted signal

When installing access control controller, distance between controller and card reader must be considered, and ideal transmission distance is no more than 100m. For signal transmission cables, cable shielding and signal attenuation due to long distance transmission must be considered. use steel wire pipes and cable trays, and perform reliable grounding.

Installing access controller and precautions 3. Debugging access controller and system software

System debugging is a key link to ensure quality of access control system. The focus is on debugging of access control controller and operation of system software. The debugging process of these two parts should be carried out by manufacturer at same time. The function of controller is that, in addition to card reader input, relay output function must also be set according to needs, time and place of alarm generation and activation, such as camera, alarm sound, etc. .