June 08, 2023

Nine principles that will help you choose a "good" closet

Nine principles that will help you choose a "good" closet

For a data center, cabinet becomes an important part. The cabinet systematically solves problems of high-density heat dissipation, a large number of fixings and cable management, large-capacity power distribution, and full compatibility with multi-vendor rack equipment in computer applications, so that data center can work in any environment. very stable environment.

There are many brands of cabinets on market with different prices, and it's easy to get into a hole if you're not careful. Below, editor popularizes 9 principles for selecting cabinets.

Nine principles that will help you choose a "good" closet

Cabinet size

Plan and list all equipment installed in cabinet and its complete measurements: height, length, width, weight. The combination of volume and space taken up by these units will ultimately determine how tall a closet you choose.

Of course, taller cabinets can hold more equipment and save space. As a general rule, cabinet height should be increased by 20-30% to expand system.

Reliable quality assurance

It is very important to choose right server cabinet and wiring cabinet, a little carelessness can lead to huge losses. Regardless of brand of product, quality is first link that users should pay attention to.

Capacity guarantee

As density of products placed in a cabinet increases, good load-bearing capacity is a basic requirement for a quality cabinet. It is necessary to choose a cabinet with a good stress structure and a solid structure. Cabinets that do not meet specifications may not be able to effectively and properly protect equipment in cabinet due to poor quality of cabinet, which may affect entire system.

Nine principles that will help you choose a "good" closet

Temperature control system

The cabinet has a good temperature control system to avoid overheating or overcooling of food in cabinet to ensure efficient operation of equipment. The cabinet can be selected from a fully ventilated series, or it can be equipped with fans (the fan has a lifetime warranty), and in a hot room you can install an autonomous air conditioning system, and in a hot room you can install an autonomous heating and heat preservation system. harsh cold environment.

Anti-interference and others

A full-featured cabinet should provide various door locks and other functions, such as high anti-interference, such as dustproof, waterproof, or electronic shielding; At same time, it should provide support for suitable accessories and installation accessories, so that wiring is more convenient. At same time, it is easy to operate, saving time and effort.

Power distribution system

The design of a reasonable cabinet power distribution system should be based on principles of reliability as foundation, designing specifically for cabinet system, and full coordination and seamless interaction with power distribution system. At same time, convenience should be considered for installation, as well as intelligent control, high adaptability, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

The cabinet's power distribution system should place power supply closer to load to reduce points of failure in power supply path. At same time, local and remote load current monitoring and remote control of power distribution should be gradually implemented so that power distribution control can be integrated into overall intelligent computer room control system.

Nine principles that will help you choose a "good" closet

Cable layout

What to do if there is a problem with cable? In a huge computer room, it is still difficult to go through numerous cabinets, not to mention quickly finding and repairing a faulty line.

There must be enough cable ducts in cabinet to allow cables to enter and exit from top and bottom of cabinet. Inside cabinet, cable routing should be convenient and orderly, close to cable interface of equipment, so as to shorten wiring distance; reduce space occupied by cables and make sure that wiring does not interfere with operation of equipment. during installation, commissioning and maintenance, as well as to ensure that flow of heat-removing air is not blocked by cables, at same time, in event of a malfunction, wiring of equipment can be quickly located.


Many manufacturers only quote you unit price of cabinet, not including price of equipment that needs to be installed in cabinet, and this equipment will quickly add to your costs, so you should consider price of cabinet plus complete set of equipment to save costs.

After-sales service

Efficient services provided by enterprise, as well as a comprehensive equipment protection scheme, can greatly simplify installation and maintenance of users.

Due to concentration of equipment inside cabinet, there are special "hard" index requirements for cabinet, if you do not pay attention to this when choosing it, then troubles in operation can be enormous. Keep in mind 9 closet selection principles that will help you choose right closet.