June 08, 2023

Video Access Control System Components

Video access control, also known as "home rental access control video alarm system", was first proposed by city of Shenzhen to effectively manage floating population.

The function looks like this

Access control management, personnel information management, video communication, alarm and communication, event correlation function, electronic map, authorization transfer, batch control, key personnel attention and trajectory analysis functions, etc. Strengthen and improve development based on traditional access control. According to different settings, appropriate settings can be made to meet different needs of different markets.

Reliability improvement adaptation: lightning protection, moisture resistance, high and low temperature resistance, wide voltage, port reverse connection and misconnection protection, card reader reliability, power supply reliability and control platform reliability, etc. Performance requirements: large capacity, fast card swipe response, active two-way real-time data transmission, efficient video capture, simultaneous login from multiple workstations.

The video access control system consists of four parts: camera, transmission, display and control. It is a comprehensive system with strong preventive capabilities for real-time monitoring and follow-up investigation. Widely used in various occasions. Directly observe all conditions of monitored place through camera and its accessories (PTZ), and transmit image signal received by front camera to control center for functions such as video signal distribution, switching, recording and playback. . .

Video Access Control System Components

1. Camera part: The camera part is border part of TV monitoring system and "eye" of whole system.

2. Transmitting part: The transmitting part is channel of system signal, picture signal, audio signal, control signal, etc.

3. Control part: The control part is "heart" and "brain" of entire system and is command center for implementation of functions of entire system. The control part is mainly composed of main console, matrix and matrix keyboard. The control part in this system mainly refers to monitoring system management software and actual management of software.

4. Display Part: The display part consists of monitor. Its function is to display transmitted images one by one.

Video Access Control Applications

1. Centralized rental of houses in community

2. Closed (closed) community

3. Decentralized Single-Family Rental Homes

4. Industrial parks, factories, administrative buildings, business/institutional buildings and other administrative buildings or hostels where social workers work.

The benefits of a video access control system

1. Landlord: economical, no need to set up computers, ID card readers, card issuers and networks, ordinary smartphones can perform operation

2. Convenient, no need to learn a computer, anyone who knows how to play WeChat can work

3. Tenant: no need to go to control center to issue a card

4. Public Safety: Real-time registration of tenants

5. The registration rate is high and indeed it is possible to register at any time and cancel at any time