June 07, 2023

What to do if network camera turns off frequently

The network camera is called WEBCAM, and full English name is WEB CAMERA. This is a new generation camera, created by combining traditional cameras and network technologies. If a standard web browser (such as "Microsoft IE or Netscape") is used, it can monitor its images. Network cameras usually have a very long service life, but there are also situations where they often break line. These kinds of situations must be detected in time to see reason for break.

What to do if network camera turns off frequently

Analysis of causes of frequent shutdown of network camera

1. Protocol between IP camera and NVR is not very compatible

Decision. Update programs of both (it's better to check with vendor first, whether both use private protocol or ONVIF protocol, former is more likely to be resolved than latter)

2. The communication speed of network switch cannot keep up with it, which often leads to data overload

Solution: replace switch with a more advanced one, generally 100-200 yuan, do not use network camera communication, it is basically inappropriate.

3. Check if power of device itself is stable and reliable, and if device keeps restarting due to power of device itself

4. Check switch to which disabled device is connected, especially if multiple cameras are disabled. The first thing to look for is whether switch itself is faulty, causing device to turn off.

5. Check length of network cable from disconnected device to switch. If network cable is longer than 100 meters, consider whether device is disconnected due to transmission distance of network cable.

6. Check quality of network cable and workmanship of crystal head. In real projects, we have encountered situations where transmission distance of network cable is only 60 meters, and camera often turns off. The reasons may be that quality of network cable connector is not good enough, sequence of network cable connector is wrong, and quality of network cable itself is not up to mark.

7. Check if device has turned off due to a software glitch. For example, if software issues an error command, software process terminates service.


Actually, there are too many aspects associated with frequent disconnection of network cameras. For example, camera internal program, hard disk recorder decoding resources, network transmission and so on.

It really comes down to two parts: easy problems and hard problems.

Soft problem. Simply put, it is caused by a camera software protocol match. Now that update rate of camera is fast, some software bugs are inevitable, so choosing a well-known brand product and frequently updating your own camera's internal program can prevent and solve some software problems.

Tough problem: lack of DVR resources, this is especially noticeable in era of PC DVRs in analog era, but there is no guarantee that this is not case now. Especially when a large number of NVRs are running at full capacity. Another key difficult problem is problem of transmission, which is key point. As a rule, cause can be quickly found using above methods.research.