June 07, 2023

What does dome camera record?

The full name of dome camera is dome camera, which is evolution of modern telemonitoring. It integrates built-in color camera, pan/tilt, decoder, protective cover and other functions in one device. , It is easy to install and use, yet powerful and widely used. It is applied to outdoor area monitoring.

What does dome camera record?

What does dome camera capture?

It is commonly used in public places with a wide view and can be used in many cases. For example, home safety monitoring, traffic safety monitoring, public place safety monitoring, production safety monitoring.

Types of domes

There are three types of speed dome cameras on market: PTZ type, fixed type and pan-tilt type. Due to different types, their main functions are also different. Three ball machines with different functions can give customers more choice. Customers can choose type of dome camera they want according to their needs, product usage scenarios, etc.

Shooting range of dome camera

360 degree panoramic dome surveillance camera.

The hidden dome camera has a fixed shooting angle, usually from 15 to 80 degrees. Because it can be rotated, area of ​​interest is scanned in a fan-like fashion.

What is difference between a dome camera and a bolt camera?

The most obvious difference between a ball chamber and a bolt chamber has to be difference in appearance. So, what is deep difference between a ball chamber and a bolt chamber? The following editor will help you understand difference between a ball machine and a cannon machine.

The gun camera is a cylindrical camera, its view position is fixed, and it can only look at a certain view position, so view position is limited. Bolt usually has a built-in infrared light bar to meet night vision needs. Bolts with a waterproof function can be installed indoors and outdoors, but some bolts on market are not waterproof. This is very important. When buying, you should ask about waterproofness of bolts.

We often call a dome camera a smart dome camera, which integrates a camera system, a zoom lens and an electronic pan/tilt head, and is better than a bullet camera in terms of stability and controllability. In particular, dome camera can achieve overall anti-riot and waterproof effect, which is not comparable to combination of bolt-on camera and gimbal in outdoor environments.

The biggest difference between dome camera and PTZ camera is pan and tilt system, which can control long distance horizontal and vertical rotation of dome camera by RS485 signal, and can also control zoom, focus and aperture of lens. The viewing range of dome camera is much larger than that of fixed camera, and it can usually rotate 360° so that it can monitor a large area.