June 07, 2023

It is critical to address these three major challenges for channel gateway industry to achieve leapfrogging.

Pedestrian gate is most convenient entry and exit control equipment, and a new way to innovate public security management in a new situation. Pedestrian gates are widely used in subways, airports, tourist attractions, residential areas, office buildings, schools and other places, and industry has good profit prospects.

However, channel gateway industry is still full of variables and uncertainties. In order to achieve leapfrogging development, these three main problems need to be addressed.

It is critical to address these three major challenges for channel gateway industry to achieve leapfrogging.


Insufficient basic tech level

The core technology of access gate is mainly focused on motor and motor light effect, which directly affect performance, operation safety and service life of product. The channel gate industry in my country started late, and there is still a certain gap compared to foreign brands.

In addition, appearance technology of foreign products also occupies a part of product cost, and high-pressure injection molding and injection molding technology are also parts that domestic enterprises must actively compensate.


The development of industry lacks norms

In terms of current national and industry standards, there are many types of entrance gate standards, including swing gates, tripod gates, swing gates, etc., but there are few relevant standards. The national mandatory standards are relatively strict and implementation of recommended standards is strong. The fire safety, security, energy saving, environmental protection and user divisions have not yet unified requirements, and a unified system of standards has not yet been formed.

In competition with foreign brands, domestic brands have obvious cost advantages and have long relied on price competition to capture market share. Intense competition between domestic enterprises has also led to irregular competition in domestic market.

It is critical to address these three major challenges for channel gateway industry to achieve leapfrogging.


Price war in low-price market is getting fierce

There are a large number of channel entry companies, good and bad mixed. With intensification of market competition, well-known foreign companies occupying traditional high-end market also began to attack middle-level market; in low market, complexity of production and entry threshold are low. Prices are also easy to tempt consumers, resulting in a group of small companies flooding turnstile industry, seeking to enter low-end turnstile market.

The founders of these new members came from other gate manufacturing companies, so they do not have a complete understanding of gate industry and technology, nor have they mastered core technology. However, gate includes many aspects, such as appearance, logic algorithm, transmission control, sheet metal structure, manufacturing process, etc., and this is not achieved overnight, so low price also leads to low quality. .

In short, if channel gate enterprises want to abide by law of development and capture market, they must accelerate pace of transformation and upgrading. Only by integrating various profitable resources and overcoming limitations of existing channels, we can continue to grow in a competitively motivated market and continuously promote transformation and development of barrier gate enterprises.