June 06, 2023

33 people died in an animated fire in Kyoto, escaped from fire and escaped, remember 11 golden rules

33 people died in an animated fire in Kyoto, escaped from fire and escaped, remember 11 golden rules

The arson incident occurred on 18th at first Kyoto Animation studio in Kyoto, Japan. 33 people were killed and 36 others were injured. Ten of them were seriously injured. This could be the highest number of deaths in Japan in 30 years. Arson case.

33 people died in an animated fire in Kyoto, escaped from fire and escaped, remember 11 golden rules

The fire destroyed childhood of many people, and also destroyed happiness of more than 30 families.

You never know what will come first, tomorrow or an accident. Fire is merciless. It is necessary to master some methods of self-rescue and salvation. I want to share with you golden rules of evacuation in case of fire.

01. Acquaintance with environment, secret exit

When you are in an unfamiliar environment, for your own safety, be sure to pay attention to evacuation passages, safe exits and stairs so that at critical moments you can leave scene as soon as possible.

Please remember: security is not a trifle, you must be ready for danger in peacetime and keep your way.

02. Unobstructed exit from aisle

Stairs, walkways, emergency exits, etc. are most important escape routes in event of a fire and should be unobstructed. quickly in an emergency.

Remember, it's not easy to get out of trouble if you hurt yourself.

03. Put out small fires and benefit others

After a fire breaks out, if it is determined that fire is not serious and does not pose a great threat to people, with sufficient fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, etc., you should try your best to control and extinguish a small fire; Screaming and fussing in panic, ignoring a small fire and causing a disaster.

Remember: compete against time to put out fire in bud.

04. Remain calm, determine direction and evacuate quickly

Suddenly faced with a fire, faced with thick smoke and fire, first of all, remain calm, quickly assess dangerous place and safe place, determine escape route, and evacuate dangerous place as soon as possible. One should not blindly follow flow of people, crowd each other and rush.

Remember: only when you are calm can you find a good solution.

05. Don't go into dangerous places, don't be greedy for money

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, evacuate as soon as possible and don't waste best time to escape because you're worried about your valuables. People who have escaped danger must not return to danger.

Please remember that if you keep green hills, you are not afraid of running out of firewood.

06. Simple defense, closed nose crawling

When escaping on a smoky route, avoid smoke poisoning and suffocation. To keep smoke out of fire, you can use a towel or mask to cover your mouth and nose and crawl to evacuate.

Smoke is lighter than air and floats on top. The best way to avoid smoke inhalation is to evacuate close to ground. When passing through fire blockade zone, it is necessary to wear protective equipment, such as gas masks, helmets, fireUse some heat-insulating clothing, in absence of which you can pour cold water on your head and body, and use wet towels, wet blankets, wet blankets, etc. Wrap your head and body, and then run out.

Remember, it's better to have multiple protective gear than bare hands.

07. Use corridor and don't enter elevator

In event of a fire, choose a relatively safe ladder depending on situation. In addition to using a ladder, you can also use balcony, window sill, roof, roof, etc. of a building to get to a safe place around. When floor is low, you can slide down ledges into building structures such as downpipes and lightning protection lines Lu escaped.

Remember: Elevators are extremely dangerous when escaping.

08. Slow down and run away by sliding down rope to escape

If there are high-altitude descent devices or lifelines in floor, personnel can safely leave hazardous floor through these devices.

If no such facilities are available and safe passage is blocked and rescuers cannot arrive in time, you can quickly use ropes or sheets, curtains, clothes, etc. around you to make simple life buoys and get wet. their water. Slowly slide down rope from windowsill or balcony to floor below or onto ground to escape safely. (This method only applies to lower floors)

Remember: be brave and careful, and lifeline is always there.

09. Shelter, hold on to save

If you feel hot at touch of a door or doorknob, if you recklessly open door at that time, flames and thick smoke will inevitably rush into your face.

If escape route is cut off and there is no one to rescue in near future, method of standing still and waiting for help can be adopted. First of all, doors and windows should be tightly closed, and door cracks should be sealed after getting wet with towels, sheets, duvet covers, etc. to prevent penetration of smoke and fire and remain indoors until arrival of rescuers.

Remember: why is a strong shield afraid of a sharp spear?

10. Shake slowly and throw lightly, look for rescuers

Those who are trapped by fireworks and temporarily unable to escape should stay in a safe place as long as possible.

In daytime, you can shake bright clothes out of window or throw out luminous blinding things; note.

Please remember that only by fully revealing yourself can you effectively save yourself.

11. The fire has reached you, do not run away

If you catch fire on your body, do not run in a panic, quickly remove your clothes or ride in place to put out flames. It is even more effective to be able to jump into water in time or have someone pour water on you.

Remember: it's embarrassing to ride on spot, but you can avoid burns.

A moment of silence for victims!

May wounded be safe!

We apologize for loss of countless treasures throughout animation industry!