June 05, 2023

Benefits of using an access control system

The access control system belongs to field of smart buildings, that is, to access control system called ACS. Refers to prohibitive power of "door", which protects against "door". By "door" here in a broad sense refers to all kinds of passages through which you can pass, including doors for people and vehicles. Therefore, access control includes vehicle access control. In application of parking management, vehicle access control is an important means of vehicle management, but not for collecting parking fees, but mainly for managing vehicle entry and exit permits.

Benefits of using an access control system

The benefits of using an access control system

1. Door and aisle access control: Preventing entry and exit of people without cards and holders of illegal cards.

2. Statistical function: Keep statistics on employee departments, categories, and different entry and exit times and places.

3. Anti-intrusion function: access control system can manage at least 100,000 blacklists and whitelists. If an unauthorized card or a system blacklisted card is used, system will refuse to open door lock and automatically alarm through backup program and device.

4.Illegal time input prevention function: schedule can be set. For example, certain time periods can be considered as illegal time, and cardholders cannot enter; You can check individual entry and exit stations, as well as entry and exit personnel conditions in each time period at any time.

5. Entry and exit records

Display recent entries and exits, and you can see type, name, time and method of entry and exit of staff. In lower left corner, situation with entry and exit of personnel is shown, as well as number of entries and exits of various types of personnel. The bottom right corner counts number of people entering and leaving each time period during day.

6. Anti-theft function: When criminals sneak in to commit a crime, access control system will automatically close all access control after receiving an alarm.

7. Anti-theft function: The access control system is equipped with a rear power supply to prevent power failure.

8. Anti-tampering function: The access control system can prevent one access control from being damaged from affecting normal operation of another access control.

9: Enable Card Theft Function: In case of using a keypad with a password, cardholder must enter a password after swiping card to perform a double identity authentication to prevent adverse effects caused by losing card.

10. Convenient control

Electronic patrol, using access control card reader as a patrol point, you can use ready-made ID card as a patrol carrier, without setting up additional patrol equipment, you can upload a real-time patrol record online, so as to achieve online patrol Moreover, it not only increases level of security, but also facilitates management of patrol personnel.

11. Query function: you can find out about records of everyone who entered and exited through any door at any time.

12. Two-door communication function: access control system can set authority, and be sure to indicate that when a certain door is in open state, other doors cannot be fromclosed, and when a certain door is in open state, only certain doors can be opened or closed.

13. Fire alarm monitoring link function

In event of a fire, access control system can automatically open all electronic locks so that people inside can leave premises at any time. Communication with monitoring usually means that monitoring system automatically detects situation when someone swipes card (valid/invalid), and also captures situation when access control system is triggered.