June 04, 2023

Eight Common Troubleshooting and Access Control Solutions

An access control system is a security system that is widely used in modern commercial buildings, communities, schools and businesses. The access control system is an advanced security management system that integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and advanced security management measures. The access control system is widely used in our life and work, but if access control system fails, how to solve it? How to quickly find a problem?

Eight Common Troubleshooting and Access Control Solutions

One of software testing methods

Detection method: start management software, enter main console, select a door, click on detection controller, operation information of software will show corresponding errors, and then you can troubleshoot them according to relevant information.

Real-time monitoring method: main console is real-time monitoring, real-time monitoring corresponds to corresponding card swipe indicator, which is convenient for detecting malfunction of not opening door when swiping card.

Network search method: basic setting - controller - network search, which helps to find communication error of TCP/IP controller. An appropriate link indicator helps you find a link error. Please turn off your firewall!

2. Hardware indicator method

When power is on, we see POWER indicator and CPU indicator blinks to determine if controller is working; when reading card, we can see card indicator to determine whether card reading data is transmitted to controller; You can see if relay indicator clicks once to determine if relay output of controller is normal; error indicator flashes to indicate that controller is faulty, and detailed information can be obtained through software testing.

3. Replace and Exclude Method

Equipment replacement method: it can only be used as a reference and cannot be fully determined because if it is caused by a certain environment or factor, it may not appear immediately, in same way that chronic human diseases have an incubation period. period, and it will also cause it after a while. If a problem occurs, if suspected problem device is replaced, there is no problem in separate detection, it may be an environmental interference problem such as wiring, and you should actively continue to find source of malfunction.

Computer replacement method: You can determine whether it is a client computer or an operating system environment, virus problems, serial port output, or misconfigurations.

Method of replacing database and software. For example, if fetching records or settings fails, reporting fails, etc., you can use another brand new database or software to determine extent of problem.

4. Separation and Exclusion Method

In event of an access control failure, you can separate external devices to see if they are working properly, then download each external device one by one and download one for testing to find out what caused failure. Or do a separation test on controller, disconnect controller part to make sure device works normally.

5. Fast handling of control errorsmention

Sometimes, due to external factors, our equipment will lead to poor communication of access control system, resulting in failure of access control system, so how to solve it?

Check if string string is set correctly and check if access control association summary is smooth. Check whether crystal head of network cable is damaged and whether network cable is connected

If above problems occur, basically we can use ping command to check if network cable is connected, or to replace unsuitable accessories.

6. Electric mortise or electromagnetic lock does not close for a long time

The solution steps are as follows:

1. First check door opening delay setting of access control system. As a rule, door opening delay is set to 6 seconds. At same time, delay can be adjusted accordingly depending on speed of closer, to ensure that delay is longer than closing time of door closer.

2. Network access control delay setting method:

a. Set door opening delay in software.

b. Adjust lock control power supply delay knob.

c. Adjust delay jumper on side of electric mortise lock.

7. After a power failure, fingerprint processor screen flickers unevenly and emits an unknown beep

This is caused by underpowered or over-discharged power supply internal battery (ES-521) due to a long power outage. It is recommended that when installing battery pack, customer be informed of how long battery pack can maintain power.

8. Use your fingerprint without "alarm finger" to unlock lock, but there is a momentary alarm

This issue is related to quality of crystal head pressed by network cable connecting fingerprint processor and lock controller, such as quality of crystal head, print quality, and network cable quality. . It is recommended to use high-quality network cables and quartz heads, and also require installer to skillfully press quartz heads.