June 03, 2023

The Importance of Installing a Monitoring System

No matter what you do, CCTV is now regularly visible. Video surveillance plays an increasingly important role in society, let's consider necessity and importance of installing video surveillance.

The Importance of Installing a Monitoring System

1. The most important function is safety

The purpose of installing a monitoring system is to protect environment, and in event of property safety and disputes, it can better provide on-site image recording, so it can be used as relatively fair evidence for recovery To create a very safe and stable monitoring environment for everyone , more important evidence information can also be used, so for our current working and living environment, it has a very important functional significance, and there is no need to prevent various problems. proof.

2. Request as proof

Check video after event; if theft cannot be detected and stopped in time, we can restore video playback so that criminals have nowhere to hide, and provide important clues for decision of public security authorities. case.

3. Can play role of shocking criminals

Gives a shocking effect to a villain who wants to do something wrong, when he realizes that he has entered surveillance zone, he does not dare to reach out, and if he does, he will be caught. (Perhaps you will pull back person who has gone astray.)

4. Alarm function

If an alarm device is also installed, dialer can be activated at same time as alarm to notify assigned department. Video surveillance can reflect observed and controlled objects in real time, visually and reliably, allowing relevant departments to receive a large amount of useful information in a timely manner, greatly improving management efficiency and monitoring automation level, and is an important part of public security system.

5. If it is a factory area, it can play a role in monitoring engineers and staff

Control. The scope of this supervision includes operating tables, assembly lines, automated operating rooms, etc.

Security. This security area includes gates, financial rooms, archives, warehouses, etc.

Control + security: This includes protecting security of entire plant area and controlling personnel, goods, entry and exit, etc. This is also most important reason why most factories are now installing closed-loop monitoring systems.

A closed-loop monitoring system must be installed on plant site. The security system of factory area must work around clock, in addition to performing its functions, most important thing is stability and reliability of closed-loop control system. For professional cases, find a professional company to do it. Generally, Ritu sends professional security monitoring technicians to site to research and design design at an early stage. Follow-up technical support and service capabilities can also bebe fully guaranteed.

All of above can help managers understand overall situation and understand conditions of production and work.

The importance of installing a monitoring system is much more important. Now campuses, hospitals, factories and communities can be seen everywhere, and monitoring system will become part of smart city system.