June 03, 2023

Buying a smart home is not blind, here are six tips you should pay attention to

Modern people pay more and more attention to individual life. The smart home, being an integral part of home decor, should naturally integrate into our lives in order to meet our individual needs.

Buying a smart home is not blind, here are six tips you should pay attention to

But choosing a smart home has become a difficult problem for us. At present, there are many smart home manufacturers in my country, and a wide variety of products are on market. As consumers, we inevitably see flowers in fog a little when buying, and we have no way to start. The smart home market is not yet standardized in our country, so you need to be careful when buying. The editor summarizes here a few suggestions that can be used as a reference when buying a smart home:

1. Specify individual needs

Before we buy smart home products, we need to be clear about what features we need and what personalized services we need. Each family has different smart life requirements, so buying a smart home is also different. Smart home functions can be combined arbitrarily to meet smart life needs of different consumers. In addition to essential functions such as home security system, alarm system, smart lighting system, etc., we can also install smart home products according to our special needs, such as home entertainment system, background music system, etc. d. Enjoy more fun at home.

Some consumers enjoy aiming for perfect features and blindly installing smart homes, which is actually an unwise choice. Since some features are not needed, they will only become decoration after they are fresh. This will not only greatly reduce your smart life, but sometimes bring a lot of unnecessary trouble. Therefore, it is recommended to choose products according to your actual needs and use smallest amount of money to meet your most essential needs.

Second, choose energy-saving and environmentally friendly products

At present, energy saving and environmental protection have become keywords, promotion of energy saving has become trend of consumption and industry, and all walks of life are also advocating "energy saving" and "environmental protection". As a smart home manufacturer, we cannot ignore providing users with easy-to-use and energy-saving products. Smart home control system based on computer technology and automation technology, with function of energy saving and environmental protection, is most prominent in lighting energy saving. It can realize lighting energy saving through control of various timing events, sensor control function, brightness sensor and automatic detection. brightness of light and other basic means.

Buying a smart home is not blind, here are six tips you should pay attention to

Third, choice of products and brands

When choosing a product, main thing is to pay attention to quality and appearance of product. In addition to giving us pleasure of intelligence, smart home products can also bring great visual enjoyment to our families through good appearance and craftsmanship. Some smart home products focus on function of product and ignore function of visual enjoyment of appearance, so it has become a point that consumers cannot ignore when purchasing products.

When choosing a brand, you should follow "look closer" principle. Choosing a great smart home brand manufacturer is a good way to avoid risks. Because big brand manufacturer can guarantee quality of product, and technology can also be guaranteed. Consumers should try to choose reputable and well-known brands when choosing smart homes. This allows you to buy with confidence and use with peace of mind. Of course, when choosing an agent, it is best to proceed from this principle.

Fourthly, does it have a remote control function

Remote control refers to implementation of various kinds of remote control by remote control, time controller, centralized controller or telephone, mobile phone, computer, etc. Smart home is equivalent to home intelligent control center, integrating home appliance control, home security and monitoring, home information terminals and home digital entertainment. Therefore, when purchasing, check if you can access smart terminal via Internet and check its operation.

Five, is function integrated

Smart home integration is use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate equipment related to home life. For home equipment, a centralized and unified management method has been adopted, so core must be a communication protocol, a system platform, and a solution equivalent to computer operating system. Relevant special products such as security products, monitoring products, lighting control products, multimedia products, etc. can be integrated into this system. Through communication protocol of system, various subsystems are connected to each other, and information can be exchanged Mutual control . However, many products on market now only have a simple hardware subsystem, and they are also advertised as smart homes. This is actually not true. It requires consumers to do a detailed analysis with seller before buying, and product compatibility should be good.

Buying a smart home is not blind, here are six tips you should pay attention to

6. Is after-sales service of product thought out?

For each manufacturer, after-sales service of products is an important factor in development of enterprise. Consumers pay great attention to quality of after-sales service when purchasing large-sized consumer goods. This is especially important when shopping for smart home products. The smart home market is yet to be regulated in China, and each manufacturer's after-sales service is also different. Therefore, consumers should clearly understand this aspect.