June 02, 2023

Many intercoms are paralyzed, 7 tricks for daily maintenance

Many intercoms are paralyzed, 7 tricks for daily maintenance

With rapid development of urban building automation, a safe, comfortable and intelligent living environment has gradually become main requirement of modern smart buildings, and intercom system has become an important part of demand.

The building intercom system is security line of our house, but in process of actual use, problem of "one year is normal, three and a half years and five years is not working" also occurs. continues?

Dust effect

A lot of equipment in intercom system of building is installed in electric well. The accumulation of dust in electric well will easily affect heat dissipation of equipment. When combined with moist air, it will become a conductor and PCB coating, causing circuit to malfunction and also cause corrosion of circuit itself. This may result in equipment failure or PCB burnout.

Countermeasures:Check regularly, clean promptly, and be careful not to damage outer casing of equipment.

The transmission equipment is damp.

Whether it is an exposed part of equipment or a part that transmits a signal, humidity and moisture return are of great importance for normal operation of equipment. The weather is humid and in severe cases, water can be seen dripping from wall or directly from ceiling, which can cause water to enter building's intercom equipment or corrode circuit.

Countermeasures. Take good care to protect outer box, install it according to orientation indicated by product, and use bottom line as much as possible to prevent condensation from entering box. equipment box for lines and pipes.

Lightning effects

Lightning is a major threat to electronic products. Without lightning protection of building itself, external wiring will be struck by induction lightning when lightning strikes, and a high voltage pulse signal will be generated, which will interface equipment through line and damage equipment circuit.

Problem solving strategy. Now many manufacturers have built in lightning protection function in their products, and this factor should be paid attention to when choosing models. At same time, install surge and voltage protection devices in accordance with selected model and brand.

Strong and weak electricity are not separated

However, in order to reduce costs, developers sometimes mix them in same transmission well, which causes problems with signal interference, and also introduces some safety problems when installing and maintaining low-current systems.

Coping strategy: Try to separate strong and weak currents if possible. If separation is not possible, try to stagger high current and low current equipment to maintain a safe distance.

Impact of installation process

Proper installation process is an important factor for long-term stable operationbots of building video intercom system. Strict adherence to equipment installation process can greatly extend life of equipment.

Taking an embedded guardrail machine as an example, if installation is unreliable and entrance and exit of community hit door frame, long-term mechanical vibration may weaken some of "heavy" components at top. equipment such as inductors, coils, etc. and may also cause some of them. If connector is loose, natural device will not work properly.

Problem solving strategy. Strictly follow installation process and find a professional security company.

Rain effect

Rainwater is a serious test for outdoor communication equipment that does not have effective protection conditions. IP33 waterproof rating.

Protection strategy: choose equipment with a higher level of water resistance. For outdoor equipment, it is recommended to install a waterproof cover that can effectively block rain.

Influence of high and low temperature

The video intercom system has an allowable normal operating range, such as -10°C to 55°C or -40°C to 70°C temperature, should consider product's working environment and products that can adapt to local extreme temperatures should be selected to ensure that product is working properly.

Problem-solving strategies. The choice of equipment should take into account extreme conditions at project site and choose a brand that meets needs. For example, in north of our country, when choosing a call station, LED displays are usually used, and appropriate designs with low temperature protection are required.

No matter how good a product is, it needs regular maintenance. The building's intercom system protects our security. As soon as a problem arises, potential security risks arise. Therefore, we must maintain and maintain security of building intercom.