June 02, 2023

Superiority and price please, iris recognition technology will be a dark horse in biometrics

Superiority and price please, iris recognition technology will be a dark horse in biometrics

In recent years, in order to increase attractiveness of their products, many hardware manufacturers have integrated fingerprint recognition and facial recognition into their equipment as a "high" promotion. This has indeed raised awareness of most users about biometric technologies, however, from industry's point of view, it is iris recognition technology that can serve as a "high-level" existence in field of biometrics.

What is iris recognition technology

Iris recognition technology relies on iris of eye for identification. The iris is a round part located between black pupil and white sclera. It contains many intertwined spots, threads, crowns, stripes, crypts, etc. details.

Iris recognition technology uses a special optical imaging tool to collect human iris images, and then processes, stores and compares the collected iris images through digital imaging technology, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence technology to realize identification personnel identity Authentication and identification.

Iris recognition technology includes optical engineering, mechanical design, electronic circuits, computer science, computer science, mathematics, pattern recognition, signal processing, digital image analysis, cognition and psychology, and other interdisciplinary, multi-category high-tech, It integrates theory and application and refers to strategic high technologies.

Superiority and price please, iris recognition technology will be a dark horse in biometrics

Iris Recognition Advantage

①Uniqueness: The texture details of iris are distributed randomly, and no two irises are same in nature. Compared to an error rate of 0.8% for fingerprints and 2% for face recognition, error rate for iris recognition can be as low as one in ten million.

②Stability: The iris formed from basic textural structure of iris at 8 months of age. Unless an operation that is dangerous to eyes is performed, texture of iris hardly changes throughout life.

③Non-contact: The iris is an externally visible internal organ, and a high-quality image of iris can be obtained using a non-contact (even from a long distance) data acquisition device. This is very important in practical applications.

④ Anti-counterfeiting: Obtaining a clear iris texture requires interaction of a special iris imaging device and user, so overall (compared to fingerprints and faces) it is difficult to steal. an image of other people's irises.

Huge market potential

In terms of terminal market, according to data, global shipments of enterprise-level iris recognition terminals in 2016 were 10.7 million units, and shipments are expected to reach 61.6 million units by 2025, with a cumulative annual sales growth rate will be 19.1% The corresponding market size will grow from 677 million US dollars in 2016 to 4.1 billion US dollars in 2025, and compound annual growth rate will be 19.7%. Among them, market size in 2020 is about 1.35 billion US dollars.

Technology in iris recognition process can be called true black technology, so why aren't safe and "high-quality" iris recognition products still widely used in all walks of life? ? The most important reason is that price of equipment using iris recognition technology is relatively high. As an example of a person recognition access control system, application price of an external iris recognition device is usually more than 20,000 yuan, while a large brand Fingerprint machine is only about 1000 yuan, and face recognition machine is about 1500 yuan. For same biometric equipment, iris recognition is 20 times that of fingerprint recognition, and 13 times that of face recognition. It is believed that with development of technology, price of iris recognition equipment will increase.children gradually decrease.

Superiority and price please, iris recognition technology will be a dark horse in biometrics

Because of superiority and price difference of iris recognition technology, there is a huge space for development of iris recognition technology. At present, coverage of iris recognition technology is also expanding, and it is widely used in access control. attendance, banking and finance, medical social security, information security, judicial security inspection and other areas. If end price of iris recognition equipment can be adjusted to be more affordable to public, there will be an explosion, and fingerprint and face replacement is just around corner.