May 31, 2023

What equipment is needed for monitoring

The complete monitoring system mainly includes: front camera, internal storage, transmission equipment and display equipment. At present, high-definition network monitoring systems are mainly used in China, we will explain them using high-definition network monitoring systems below. Therefore, when installing monitoring, these devices are necessary.

What equipment is needed for monitoring

1. Network Camera + Camera Bracket

Network cameras, also known as IPC, IP camera, are main equipment for capturing video images. The biggest advantage of network cameras over analog cameras is high resolution. The resolution of network cameras is higher, which allows you to achieve high definition. Clarity effects The speed is 1.3 million pixels, 2 million pixels, 3 million pixels and so on. Facial recognition cameras are very popular right now, and sometimes they can be recommended to customers with high profits.

2. Display equipment: Monitor monitor: LCD TV, computer monitor or screen splicing; try to connect HDMI high-definition interface, display effect is much better than through VGA interface.

3. Front camera equipment: There are many types of surveillance cameras, which are classified according to different criteria and have different names; according to appearance of surveillance cameras, there are: dome cameras, cylindrical cameras, dome cameras, head shakers, card machines.

4. Internal Storage: The NVR, HDD NVR, and dedicated monitoring hard disk installed inside it complete HD video storage.

5. Transmission equipment: switches and network cables: switches include ordinary switches and POE switches, and network cables use different specifications; specifications of switches and network cables are mainly determined according to specific monitoring and installation projects.

6. Accessories such as crystal heads

Accessories: network cable, power cord, crystal head, camera bracket, camera power supply (12V2A)

The crystal head is a very important interface device in a network connection. The two ends of twisted pair are connected to front network camera and internal switch via a quartz head. Standard.

7. VCR

There are 4-way, 8-way, 9-way, 16-way and other models. That is, multiple cameras can be equipped with multiple DVRs, for example, 7 cameras can be equipped with 8 or 9 DVRs. In addition, VCR must also be equipped with a hard disk. Each channel of high-definition video takes up about 20GB per day of hard disk space. According to your needs, you need to configure corresponding hard disk. Generally, 2T is more used.

In addition, specific details of monitoring settings for different purposes may vary, which should be organized according to actual type of monitoring.