May 30, 2023

Seven Tips for Buying Fingerprint Locks Without Spending a Dime

Fingerprint locks are becoming more and more familiar to public due to their outstanding benefits in various aspects. More and more families want to switch to fingerprint locks that improve quality of life.

However, there are all kinds of fingerprint locks on market, and price ranges from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan.

Seven Tips for Buying Fingerprint Locks Without Spending a Dime

1. Lock cylinder

First of all, pay attention to mechanical strength of lock. The mechanical strength reaches grade A, which proves that mechanical quality of lock can hardly be qualified, and lock with grade B mechanical strength can reach highest level in terms of quality: second, look at lock cylinder, best mechanical lock cylinder in China is currently C-level lock cylinder, and C-level lock cylinder is first choice for everyone.

2. Fingerprint

There are currently two main types of fingerprint heads for smart locks: optical heads and semiconductor heads. Optical fingerprint heads are relatively easy to copy fingerprints, while semiconductor fingerprint heads are more secure and generally not easy to copy.

3. Price

Regular low cost fingerprint locks often have exorbitant prices of six, seven or tens of thousands, which in itself is a scam, while smart locks with a price in region of two to three thousand are already of high quality. .

High profitability is pursuit of a superior product. With rise of internet technology, prices for smart locks may continue to fall. But it is not recommended if price is too low. Do you dare to buy a smart lock for a few hundred yuan?

Seven Tips for Buying Fingerprint Locks Without Spending a Dime

4. Lock body material

Currently, most lock body materials on market are mainly stainless steel and zinc alloy, as well as aluminum alloy and plastic. If it is a front door, it must be made of stainless steel or zinc alloy.

The method of surface treatment is also very important. Some products look luxurious and glamorous, but users will find traces of fading on handles or other frequently touched areas after they buy them at home and use them for a period of time. Such products actually use spray painting instead of electroplating in their surface treatment, which is deceptive to users, so consumers should check these details before purchasing.

5. After-sales service

Excellent supportive after-sales service can save customers hassle of installation and maintenance, so choose branded locks made by ordinary manufacturers, and tell us in time if you have any questions.

Seven Tips for Buying Fingerprint Locks Without Spending a Dime

6. Versatility

It should fit most household anti-theft doors (according to 2008 version of national standard for anti-theft doors), and number of modifications is small. Choose a lock with good versatility, which can be easily solved after sale in future. Any mechanical lock or original lock can be put back.

7. Stability

Stability is one of most important indicators of fingerprint lock, and it usually takes more than one year of actual use before it gradually stabilizes. It is best for consumers to buy from manufacturers who are mainly engaged in production of fingerprint locks, such enterprises generally have good manufacturing experience. R&D experience is best stabilizing factor.

The quality of door lock directly affects our safety as well as normal use of door. In order to increase the security of our lives, we must choose fingerprint locks according to our needs, and we must not be greedy for cheapness.